Respect Glory Wrestling

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Respect Glory Wrestling
Acronym RGW
Established 2007
Key people Stefan Allen and John Kokot
Style Backyard wrestling
Wrestling base Mattress
Location Toronto, Ontario
External links RGW YouTube
RGW Underground YouTube

Respect Glory Wrestling (RGW) is a backyard wrestling federation which was opened in 2007 by Stefan Allen and John Kokot. RGW is based out of a backyard residence in Brampton, Ontario, Canada.



Respect Glory Wrestling was formed in 2007 by Stefan Allen and John Kokot in a local Brampton, Ontario neighboorhood backyard, where a mattress is the surface of amateur non-choreographed campy wrestling action with a few gimmick wrestlers. Shows have been put together particularly during spring through summer to avoid weather conditions.

In the summer of 2010, RGW will be returning to host some wrestling action.



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