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SCW Internet Championship
Current champion Ian Osborne
Date won July 4, 2012
Date introduced April 18, 2010
Most reigns Robert Mack (2)
First champion Eric Thompson
Longest reign Eric Thompson (5 Months & 4 Days)
Shortest reign Brian White (12 Days)

The SCW Internet Championship was established on April 18th 2010. Formerly the SCBYWA Internet Championship, it is the original Internet Title concept. Currently, the title is an independent wrestling championship at SCW.


Crowning the first Champion

SCBYWA President, Sean Van, wanted to add an additional championship along to the Heavyweight and Tag Team Titles. Obviously a secondary title was in order. Sean, being a fan of the ECW Television Title, wanted a title similar to that. Since they are not televised but are in many videos online, the Internet Championship was created. Malice and Kurtis Spade were having an online feud that continued to escalate. So, in order to kill two birds with one stone, they were booked in a match at SCBYWA Blaze of Glory 2010 to crown the first SCBYWA Internet Champion. Malice walked away from the bout with the title after making Kurtis Spade say "I Quit."

Eric Thompson's Reign

Eric had a great start with the Internet Title. He faced SCBYWA Heavyweight Champion, Sterling Silverman, at UWO 13: May Day 2 in a title for title match. That match would end in a no contest. Also, during this reign, he would also win the NAX Extreme Title. He successfully defended the title against Rocman Da Pimp at SCBYWA Chaos Theory 2010 in a "Loser Moves to Donalds Match." Eric would finally lose the championship after a match with Joshua Chilton when Tk, alongside Sterling Silverman, would cash in his "King of Extreme" Briefcase and win the title. Malice's reign was 5 months and 4 days long.

Tk's Reign

Tk cashed in his title shot against Malice at his weakest point to win the championship at NAX Ashes 2 Gold. Sterling Silverman would assist in this endeavor, causing more friction between them and Prestige. Tk is currently the youngest person to ever hold an SCBYWA Championship. Tk became the first man to defend an SCBYWA title at GWA when he defeated Jake. At SCBYWA WrestleFest II (2010) he would defend the title successfully in an Elimination 6 Pack Challenge against Big ET, Razor, Mike Maddnezz, AJ Wayne, & Sean Storm. The Kid would loose the championship at NAX Luck of the Draw when James Hall squashed him to unify the title with the NAX Championship. Tk's reign lasted exactly 2 months.

James Hall's Reign

Hall defeated Tk to not only win the championship but to unify it with the NAX Heavyweight Championship. The Internet Championship remains, while the NAX Title is absorbed and dissolved. This win gave Prestige all of the SCBYWA Championships again. Right after winning the title, James was challenged by Aaron McClure for the championship. At SCW The Last Stand 2011, Hall would defeat McClure and retain his championship. At SCW Evolution 2011 Brian White would face Hall after beating Mike Jones at the previous show for a title shot. James would once again come out on top in that contest. At SCW Cyber Slam 2011, James' opponent and match type was decided by the fans via web voting. The match was chosen as a Lumberjack Match, the opponent... was a tie between Robert Mack and Brian White. In the end, The Commission would hold down James Hall while Mack defeated Brian. TJ Boss would then introduce Robert as the newest member of The Commission. Thus ending Hall's reign, which was 4 Months and 4 Days long.

Going Independent

On December 1, 2010, the SCBYWA was shut down by the SC LLR. The result was SCW, the same promotion only renamed a legally licensed.

Robert Mack's Reign

Mack sold out to The Commission to take the Internet Championship away from James Hall. At SCW Blaze of Glory 2 (2011), Robert was unable to compete due to injury. He was allowed to hand pick someone to defend the title on his behalf, that man was Sean Storm. After repeated outside interference by Reverend Revis, Jasmine Rose, Robert Mack, and even TJ Boss himself, Storm was pick up the tainted victory. Sean celebrated as if he had won the title, only to have Mack snatch it away from him. The match would happen between Mack and Storm at SCW Justice 4 All 2011. In this contest, Vincent Slade made his return waving an American flag to counteract Sean's Canadian pride. Little did the fans know that Slade was there to aid Storm. Vincent passed Sean a pair of brass knuckles to which he used them on Mack behind the ref's back for the win. Robert Mack's reign was 4 Months, 1 Week, and 5 Days.

Sean Storm's Reign

After Sean and Vincent formed the "Canadian Club" at Justice 4 All, Robert Mack would invoke his rematch clause at Extreme Justice in an I Quit Match. Storm and Slade had a plan as they would handcuff Mack to the ring ropes and begin to assault Jasmine Rose with a chair. When Mack could not watch his wife being man-handled any longer, he quit. Storm would, as usual, have everything in place for a win at WrestleFest against Mack. However Mack overcame and became the champion once again. His reign was 1 Month, 3 Weeks, and 4 Days long.

Robert Mack (Second Reign)

Despite interference by TJ Boss, Mack defeated Storm to win the championship at WrestleFest. He became the first man to ever hold the title on 2 separate occasions. At SCW Wickid Nightmare: Part 2 (2011), Mack beat Brian White to retain his Internet Title.

History of the SCW Internet Championship

# Wrestler: Reigns: Date: Event: Location: Notes:
Eric Thompson
April 18, 2010
SCBYWA Blaze of Glory 2010
Donalds, SC.
Malice won the championship by defeating Kurtis Spade in an I Quit Match.
September 21, 2010
NAX Ashes 2 Gold
Greenwood, SC.
Tk cashed in his "King of Extreme" Briefcase after Malice had just wrestled. Sterling Silverman aided Tk in winning the title.
James Hall
November 21, 2010
NAX Luck of the Draw
Greenwood, SC.
This match unified the NAX Heavyweight Title with the SCBYWA Internet Title.
Robert Mack
March 25, 2011
SCW Cyber Slam 2011
Greenwood, SC.
This was a 3 Way Lumberjack Match also involving Brian White.
Sean Storm
August 13, 2011
SCW Justice 4 All 2011
Laurens, SC.
Vincent Slade aided Sean in his win to form The Canadian Club.
Robert Mack
October 8, 2011
SCW/XWA WrestleFest III (2011)
Greenwood, SC.
Mack becomes the first ever 2 time Internet Champion with this win.
Brian White
December 17, 2011
SCW Toys for Tots 2011
Coronaca, SC.
White won the title via a count out. In a "Last Chance Match," a title may change hands in this manner.
Title Vacated
December 29, 2011
Brian White was fired by SCW which created the title vacancy.
Aaron McClure
April 7, 2012
SCW Flatline 2012
Coronaca, SC.
Aaron won an 8 Man Tournament over the course of over 2 months to win the title.
Ian Osborne
July 4, 2012
SCW Still Standing 2012
Coronaca, SC.
Defeated McClure via a reverse decision in a Last Chance Match.
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