A Day in Winterfell (Path Five)

From Create Your Own Story

The next morning Robb slept in, thinking he deserved it. After the busy day yesterday and the busy night with Arya, he was beat. By the time he woke up, Arya was long gone, off doing whatever the hell she wanted. He took his time getting dressed and emerged from his chambers well rested. After making some final preparations for that night's feast, he was free to do whatever he wanted.

What does Robb Stark want to do?

Go riding with your sister Arya

Talk with his mother

Take a walk in the godswood

Pray to R'hllor

Ramsey Bolton is here, and he wants to talk

Visit his brother Bran

Visit Myrcella

Visit the Library

Visit the Stables/Kennels

Visit the Servant's quarters

Visit the Dungeons

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