A midnight visitor (Path Two)

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Roused from his dreams, his eyes adjusted to the low light. However, there was light, and as Robb's eyes followed hit, he saw a single candle being held by a women.

"Hello Robb," the woman's said, and another candle was lit. It revealed the woman to be Melisandre, the red woman.

"What are you doing here?" Robb asked, surprised.

"I am the High Priestess of Westeros," Melisandre replied, another candle lit by her own, "I go where I please."

Robb, not willing to offend the King's most important adviser, said politely, "To what do I owe the pleasure of your company?"

She gave him one of her smiles, neither warm nor cold, just distant and reserved. "We have spoken before about the Lord of Light."

Robb sighed and sat down on his bed. "You want me to convert."

"You are a warrior, and a ruler", Melisandre said, lighting the final candle in the room. "You know how to fight, and what it means to be responsible for others. You do not strike me as a man who cares much about ecclesiastical rites and theological texts. Why do you worship the Old Gods?"

Robb knew there was no point in pretending. "That is just what we do in the North. We have always prayed to the Old Gods of the Forest, and they have protected us. Why risk anything?"

"You know the true war is still to come, Robb. You know what waits in the North. You know that winter is coming, and who brings it. Your half-brother has seen it. The Long Night is upon us."

Hearing her say his first name was chilling. Robb looked at her, and the candlelight made her hair and her eyes glow in copper red. Robb suddenly felt warm, like someone had lit a fire in the room. He wasn't sure if there was some magic going on, or if he had just looked at Melisandre's breasts a bit too long. She was beautiful, he almost couldn't take his eyes off her. Was she bewitching him now? He needed to keep a clear head.

Suddenly, she stood up and made a few steps towards him. "Do your gods matter more to you than your sister?"

Robb forced his gaze away from her voluptuous body. "What do you mean?"

She smiled, this time more dangerously, with fire in her eyes. "No marriage is more divine than the sacred union between brother and sister. Yet your Old Gods, just like the Seven, would shame you for it." Robb opened his mouth, but she put her hand on his chest. "You do not need to be ashamed. Listen to your heart. You love Sansa, there is no sin in that. But without a Red Priest, you could never marry her. Do you want to live a lie for the rest of your life?"

The Red Woman had a good point. He had a burning desire for his sister, and would do anything to be with her. But forsaking the gods of his father, and his father before him, just so he could marry his sister? Robb didn't know if he could do it.

What does he decide?

Robb converts

Robb needs some convincing

Robb refuses to convert


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