A nice dinner

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The Stark family had a nice dinner that night, with the exception of Arya. She was sent to her room without dinner for stealing Sansa's clothes. Even though she had denied stealing them, the dress had been found under her bed and she had gotten in more trouble for lying. Bran, on the other hand, had been congratulated by his father. Sansa told their father how Bran had gotten her some spare clothes, and his mother praised him for being so nice to his sister. His favorite meal was served at dinner, and even his brothers patted him on the back.

However, while Bran enjoyed the praise immensely, something else filled his thoughts. He was still curious about Jeyne Poole. Why did she like Sansa's smallclothes? Was she in love with Sansa? Bran didn't know that girls could love other girls, at least not like that. All throughout dinner he stole glances at Jeyne, who was chatting with Sansa. Certain movements and gestures, which otherwise he would of ignored, became apparent to him. Her eyes taking quick peeks at Sansa's chest. Her hand sometimes resting on her leg. Her legs sometimes squeezing together, as if to hide her passion. Was Bran imagining these things? Or was there deeper meaning? Bran was hardly touching his meal, and his father took notice.

"Bran, we had them cook your favorite, chicken soup with those buttered pastries you called 'a gift from the old gods.' What's the matter?"

"Oh, sorry Dad," Bran stammered, trying to find an excuse, "It's just tomorrow we're leaving for King's Landing. I've never been to the South before. Will I ever go home again?" While Bran was lying about why he wasn't eating, this fact really did bother him. He was entering a whole new world, and it frightened him.

"Bran, you are named after one of the bravest men I've ever known," Ned said, leaning closer to his son. "I'm not going to lie. A lot is going to change, and I'm not sure what lies ahead. But what I do know is that we are Starks. We look out for each other. I will always look out for you, but I need you to look out for your sisters. I need you to be brave. Can you do that?" Bran nodded, inspired by his fathers words. He finished his dinner, taking the time to talk with his brothers and mother for one last dinner.

As everyone retired to their bedrooms, Jeyne Poole once again entered Bran's mind. Should he tell someone about what he saw? Should he tell Sansa? Should he tell Jeyne? Or maybe he should just keep it to himself.

What dos Bran decide to do?

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