A short, beautiful girl walks in (Path Three)

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Note: You have diverged onto a path. There are many paths in this story, all depending on the choices you make. See if you can explore them all!

The door opened and a girl a bit older than him entered. She was incredibly beautiful, with large dark eyes and black hair. She was short, no taller than 5'3, but the way she walked made her seem larger than her size. She was wearing a revealing green dress that barely covered her butt and had a deep neckline.

"Hello m'lord," she purred, sitting on his desk. Robb could see from his vantage point that she wasn't wearing any smallclothes.

"How did you get up here?" Robb asked, his mouth already watering.

"Trust me, I know all the secret passageways of the Red Keep," she grinned a sultry grin, her hand stroking his. Was she a whore? Robb thought.

"What's your name?" Robb asked, his eyes admiring her perfect breasts.

The woman saw where he was staring and smiled. "My name is Shae, m'lord. I was Tyrion Lannister's whore." She laughed at his surprise. "After Stannis took the city, I hid out at Chataya's brothel, where I provided various...services."

"What do you want with me," Robb demanded, "And why should I not turn you in for conspiring with the Imp."

Shae chuckled, then gave Robb that same, alluring smile. "I want you to buy me, m'lord."

"And why would I do that?"

Shae slipped off the desk and walked toward the bed. "I love pleasing powerful men," she cooed, grabbing the fabric at the bottom of her dress, "And I love to please them." She lifted the dress up and off her body, revealing her supple ass. "I think you'll agree I am worth the price." She then turned around, revealing her immaculate body. She looked foreign, but from where Robb could not tell. Her breasts were flawless, her skin without imperfection. He could see her pussy was well-trimmed and truly a sight to behold.

What does Robb do?

Request that she ride him

Request that she please him with her mouth

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