A wildling girl walks in (Path One)

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Note: You have diverged onto a path. There are many paths in this story, all depending on the choices you make. See if you can explore them all!

The door opened and a girl around his age entered, clearly uncomfortable with her situation. She wore a plain green dress and her hair was a bit of a mess. She was no classic beauty, but adorable in her own way. Robb raised his eyebrows.

She didn't look up as she spoke. "M'lord, my... my name is Gilly. I... your brother. Half-brother. Jon Snow. He said I could come to you."

"Relax", Robb said, "I'm not going to harm you. What's the problem, Gilly?"

She gathered herself and spoke a bit more confidently. "I'm a Wildling, m'lord, from North of the Wall. Jon Snow rescued me and my child from my father. He brought me here so I could find somewhere to live and work, but they say I'm too wild for a serving girl. I don't want to work in a brothel. Jon Snow said I should ask you, and you would find a place for me."

Robb grinned. I don't even have to scheme anymore, now the cute girls are just coming to my room.

He took two cups from the table and poured some wine. "Drink with me", he said as he gave the girl the filled cup. She obeyed, still looking awkward. "Please, have a seat. Why do you not want to work in a brothel?"

She sat down and answered with a hint of anger in her voice. "It's humiliating! I don't want to be used by hundreds of men for one night and then be forgotten about."

Robb eyed her up. "So you don't have a problem with fucking in general?"

She just looked at him with shock in her face. "M-M'lord?"

Robb gave her his most mischievous grin. "I could give you a good life. Your child will be taken care of, you will always have to eat, and I'll keep you warm in my bed in the cold winter nights."

She gulped, then, surprisingly, nodded. "Thank you, m'lord. I will serve you."

"Good choice. Now, get rid of that dress, will you?"

"R-right now?"


Gilly didn't hesitate much and undressed. It was obvious she wasn't embarrassed about being naked, she was merely a bit shy and didn't want to look Robb in the eyes. That timidity of course suited her position. Robb always enjoyed using serving girls, but a wildling was even a step lower. You are completely at my mercy, he thought lustfully.

How does he play with Gilly?

Bend the wildling over

Show the wildling how to kneel


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