Against the Wall (Afternoon)

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Before she can pick her head up, Robb grabs her by her hair. Screaming he brings her to her feet, facing away from him.

"If you do this I swear I will kill you," she snarls, getting her feet beneath her.

Robb moved his head close to her ear, and said "I think I'll take that risk." Before she could respond, he slammed her into the cold, rough walls of her cell. Her face hit the stone hard, chipping one of her teeth. Tasting her own blood, Cersei stuggled against her captor, but was unable to escape. Pleased with the Queen's position, Robb used his free hand to unlace his pants, fishing out his hard cock.

Pressing it against her cunt, Robb said "This is for Ned" before thrusting it in. Cersei grunted as he forced his cock into her unlubricated pussy. She refused to cry, remaining resolute as Robb claimed his property.

"And Bran," Robb continued, fucking her harder and harder, fitting his entire dick into her. He slapped her ass hard, the smack echoing off the walls. He was rough and unforgiving, just like Cersei had been. Robb pushed her face harder into the wall, relishing her grunts of pain. He wanted the queen to suffer as he had suffered. He had to admit, she was not as loose as he thought she would be. Her cunt gripped his cock as he pushed in and out of her. Robb enjoyed this fact, as he was enjoying the feeling.

The Queen, on the other hand, was not enjoying it. She hated being so powerless, so weak. Not to mention the pain between her legs. Robb was beginning to draw blood as he relentlessly fucked her. She tried to imagine she was somewhere else, that he was her brother, but nothing worked. Her ass stung as Robb struck her again. He was nearing his climax, and his strokes were becoming faster and more eratic.

"And finally, this is for Sansa," Robb finished, pumping her royal snatch full of his cum. Her womb filled with his cum, perhaps creating another bastard. Roughly, Robb threw her off his dick, her body falling to the floor. Cum leaked out of her cunt as she lay in a heap on the ground, taking deep breaths. Robb seized her head and shoved his dick in, forcing her to clean it off. When she was done, he pulled out, and Cersei looked up at Robb, a look of pure hatred.

"You will be coming with me to Winterfell," Robb dictated, putting his deflating cock back into his pants, "I'm sure we'll meet again." With that, Robb took his leave, closing her cell door and locking it. When he was gone, Cersei let her head drop, and cried.

Finding his way out of the dungeons, Robb was greeted by his sweet sister Sansa, dressed in a beautiful light blue dress.

"Robb, Jon is here!" Sansa exclaimed, ecstatic.

"Jon? Why is he here?" Robb asked, surprised. He hadn't been expecting to see his half brother for a long time.

"Who cares! We're having dinner and your missing it. Come on!" Sansa giggled, pulling his arm. Robb loved how happy she was, so full of joy.

Does he go to dinner?

Dinner with Jon

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