Arriving at Winterfell (Path Five)

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Robb arrived in Winterfell late in the day. The sun had almost set by the time he arrived with his party. There to meet him at the gates was his mother, Catelyn. Robb didn't care if it was embarresing, he hugged his mother in front of everyone. Sansa hugged her as well, and so did Arya. Catelyn was shocked to see her youngest daughter, and Robb realized he'd forgotten to mention her in his letters. His mother didn't care, though, and was glad the family was back together.

Once inside the castle, Robb saw Bran and Rickon. Both had their direwolves beside them. Bran was still being carried around by Hodor, his legs crippled from the fall. They hug as well, and Grey Wind and Ghost reacquainted themselves with their brothers. Also there was Gregor Forrester, with his wife Elissa Forrester and daughter Talia Forrester. Talia was a pretty young girl, and her voice was supposedly beautiful. Mira was also reunited with her family, and hugged her parents.

There was supposed to be a huge feast for his return. However, everyone was tired, so they decided to post-pone it a day. Everyone settled into the castle and went to sleep. Sansa came to Robb's bed, but the two were too tired to make love. They both just collapsed from exhaustion, and went to sleep in each others arms.

The next day was hectic. So much had to be done. So much so that the feast was post-poned another day. First, Robb had to become learn about all the changes since his departure. Apparently, Jojen and Meera Reed had been sent here to be fostered. They seemed nice enough, and the girl was pretty. He learned that Osha was still a servant. While still technically a prisoner, Bran had made it so she was treated like any other servant.

Next, he had to settle in some newcomers to Winterfell. Sansa and Arya reclaimed their old rooms, of course. Margaery was given a luxurious room, fitting of her position. Daenerys was given an equally luxurious room, for which the Targaryen was very thankful. Myrcella and Shireen were also given large rooms. Gilly was given one of the larger servant rooms, as she was still lowborn and a wildling. However, she was given every comfort she needed. Sera was added to the servant staff, and proved to be both an amazing cook and an amazing servant. She was still adamant about marrying Robb, which the Warden of the North found amusing. He also gave temporary housing to the Night's Watch and wildlings.

After talking to Maester Luwin, he learned of a dungeon beneath Winterfell. It hadn't been used since Ned's father had been Lord of Winterfell. After sending some guards down to check he found they were safe and, after a few minor repairs, fully functional. He placed Cersei in one of the cells, and promoted a trustworthy guard to the jailman. He was a eunuch, so he didn't have to worry about Cersei seducing him.

Later in the day, Robb announced his new faith, sending ravens out to all the northern houses and giving a speech in the courtyard. He assured everyone that they would not need to convert and the old gods would still be the religion of the North. The responses he got were mostly positive, and overall they accepted his decision. He introduced Kinvara to Winterfell and started the construction of her little temple. She was offered a luxurious room, but she declined it in favor of a more simple room. She said all she needed was a fire in the hearth to be happy.

After a long day of work, Robb settled on a nice, quiet dinner with his family. It was nice to catch up with his younger brothers, and learn what they thought of Robb's companions. After a nice dinner, Robb retired to his chambers. He took Arya with him this time, and had some nice rough sex before going to sleep.

The next morning

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