Arya Accepts Eagerly

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Arya smiled, gazing lustfully at her new teacher's cunt. It glistened with the juices of arousal.

"What would you have me do?" Arya asked, her hands exploring his body, rubbing her budding breasts, her dampening pussy.

"That's a good girl," Melisandre purred, "Pleasure is one of the many ways to serve The Lord. Remove your clothes, princess. A servant of the Lord of Light should not be dressed in those common rags."

Arya licked her lips seductively, and reached behind her to unlace her jerkin. The jerkin fell from her body, revealing her bare chest.

"No small clothes? What a naughty girl," Melisandre commented.

"I was trying to blend in with the boys," Arya explained, pushing down her pants to reveal her bare, shaven pussy. "Common boys don't wear small clothes."

"Neither do priestesses of R'hllor," Melisandre gestures to her nude form, "We are as R'hllor made us, and he made us with desires and lust and beauty. We should embrace these traits, not reject them." She beckoned with her finger. "Join me."

Arya obliged, crawling between her legs. If anyone had opened the door, they would have been greeted to the sight of Arya's bare ass and exposed pussy. On all fours, her face was mere inches away from Melisandre's most private region. Her folds were opened to her, tempting her. Tentatively, Arya ran her tongue from the bottom to the top, slowly tasting every part. Her pussy was warm, almost hot.

"Good. Start slow, there isn't any rush." Arya licked her again, causing Melisandre to shudder. "Make sure you give the clit special attention." Arya replied by swirling her tongue around her clit. "Mmmmmmmmm, there you go, my princess. Serve the Red God." Melisandre moaned and placed her hand on Arya's head, pressing her into her sex. With her free hand, she caressed her breasts. Arya was showing her devotion, exploring every part of Melisandre's pussy. Her tongue up and down, side to side, in and out. Reaching behind her, Arya began to rub her wet pussy. Arya groaned from the pleasure she was giving herself, and the sound vibrated through Melisandre's cunt, causing Melisandre to moan, which turned Arya on even more. The two relished in this cycle of pleasure.

The Red Woman was surprised at how skillfully Arya was able to pleasure her. Her other apprentices had taken weeks to even bring her to orgasm, and they still couldn't get it right. Arya showed promise, knowing exactly when to focus on the clit and when to ignore it. Melisandre moaned again as Arya dipped her tongue into her snatch, then quickly back out again, teasing her. Melisandre wanted more, and knew she was close. Was this the girl she had been looking for?

Melisandre's ruby glowed as she approached orgasm. "When your partner is getting close, speed up," Melisandre insturcted, panting. "Suck on the clit...yes...yes... there you go. Now...mmmmmmm...yeah, that...mmmmmmmm," Melisandre moaned. Arya smiled, impressed by her ability. She licked faster and faster, and rubbed her pussy faster and faster, as they both came closer to their climax. She ran her tongue along her pussy, lingered on her clit, then plunged into her.

"Yes, that's it," Melisnadre groaned, "Be ready, my princess. UGH!" Melisandre came, flooding Arya's face with her juices. The juices were hot, and burned her mouth a bit, but this only turned Arya on more. She screamed into Melisandre's cumming pussy as she cam herself, soaking her fingers with her own, surprisingly warm, juices. She came so much that some dripped out of her pussy and pooled beneath her.

Arya collapsed, exhausted, and rested her head on the Red woman's stomach. Both women were drenched and tired, breathing heavily. The scent of sex was thick in the air. Melisandre stroked Arya's hair lovingly.

"You did well for your first time," Melisandre said between breaths, "But you still have much to learn."

Arya looked up at Melisandre, surprised. "But, you were moaning, saying how good I was doing." Arya smirked. "You were practically begging for more."

Melisandre smiled. "One day, you will be so good your partner won't have the breath to speak." She grabbed her wine from the bed side table and took a sip. She offered some to Arya, pouring the sweet Arbor wine into her open mouth.

"Now it is time for your next lesson," Melisandre said, taking another sip of wine. "You can come in now," she called out. After a few seconds, Arya heard the door open. Shocked, she looked behind her.

Who does she see?


Two of Melisandre's Queen's Men

King Stannis.

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