Arya Accepts Hesitantly

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Arya was nervous. She didn't quite know what to do with all of this. She had thought this would be swords and magic, not sex.

"Ummmm.... I don't know about this," Arya said, crossing her arms, "I didn't think we would be doing... well, this."

"I said you were going to serve The Lord of Light," Melisandre replied, "There are many ways to serve. This is one of them."

"Could we start with one of the others then," Arya pleaded, "Maybe looking into the fires."

Melisandre's expression darkened. "No," she asserted, closing her legs and getting off the bed. "There is an order to things and to defy that order is to defy the will of R'hllor!"

"I'm sorry," Arya replied, "I'll do it, I'm just a little... uncomfortable, that's all."

Melisandre regained her composure. She walked over to Arya, still naked, and hugged her tight. Arya was a little nervous hugging a naked woman but hugs her back. "I'm sorry for yeliing," Melisandre says, exiting the embrace, "And I understand your unwillingness. You have been taught your whole life that this is wrong. However, we are as R'hllor made us, and he made us with desires and lust and beauty." She walked around Arya and started to unlace her jerkin. "Why should we reject these feelings, feelings we were born to have. To do so would be an insult to our Lord." Arya's jerkin fell to the floor, revealing her bare chest. Arya quickly covered herself with her hands.

"There's no need for that, my princess. Why cover yourself? You are beautiful, Arya, don't let anybody tell you different." Melisandre took Arya's hands in hers, and revealed her budding breasts.

"There so... small," Arya said, eyeing Melisandre's chest, "And yours are so much..."

"Better?" Melisandre scoffed, "Why does bigger have to be better. Besides, you are young. You have time." As she spoke she started to slide down Arya's pants. Arya was about to protest, but decided against it. Melisandre smiled and helped Arya step out of her clothes, leaving her in naked as the day she was born.

"Come," Melisandre said, taking her hand and leading her to the bed. The Red Woman laid down, and motioned for Arya to join her. Arya did, and the two locked lips. Arya noticed how warm Melisandre's lips were, warm and soft. She kissed back, melting in her new teacher's arms. Melisandre slipped her tongue between Arya's lips and explored her mouth. When the two seperated, Arya was out of breath.

"Arya, I need you to kiss me like I just did." Arya nodded and leaned foward, but Melisandre stopped her. "Not on these lips." Arya swallowed but nodded, and crawled over to Melisandre's sex. Melisandre pulled Arya's ass over her face, so the two were face-to-pussy.

"Normally, it will be you who is pleasuring me," Melisandre explained, "But since this is your first time and you are nervous, I will also pleasure you. Don't get too used to it." With that, Melisandre buried her face in Arya's pussy, licking and sucking her most private region.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm..." Arya moaned. She was in ecstasy. Melisandre was a genius with her tongue. She hit every nerve in Arya's pussy at just the right moment. Arya could barely breathe, and gasped when Melisandre began to suck on her clit. She wanted to remain like this forever, but remembered she had to keep her end of the bargain. Tentatively, Arya leaned down and carefully licked her teacher's pussy.

Melisandre stopped licking her pussy, then gave it one more lick, the same as Arya had done. "Was that very satisfying?" Melisandre asked.

"No," Arya said, taking the hint. She took a deep breath and licked from the base to the top, swirling her tongue on her clit.

"Good," Melisandre said, "Just do what you want me to do to you." With that, Melisandre began to mirror Arya's actions. When Arya plunged into the Red Woman's cunt, Melisandre stabbed her tongue into Arya. When Arya sucked on her clit, Melisandre sucked on her clit. Arya was hugely turned on by the fact that she was basically licking herself.

"Make sure you don't fall into a pattern," Melisandre purred, "Surprise me." Arya replied by moaning onto Melisandre's snatch, the vibrations running through the red priest and back into Arya. To thank her, Melisandre went back to using her full sexual skill. Arya moaned as Melisandre devoured her pussy, licking every crevice, plunging deep into her core, and giving the clit attention all at once. Arya was overcome with pleasure and came, covering Melisandre with her juices. Her orgasm lasted a full minute, and by the end Arya was left breathless and exhausted. She collapsed on Melisandre, lying on her nude body for support.

"Not yet, my princess," Melisandre said, giving Arya's ass a soft swat, "Your partner needs to cum too." Panting, Arya grinned and, with renewed vigor, attacked Melisandre's pussy. She tried to do onto the Red Woman what she had received. She explored every crevice and varied her techniques. Wanting to try something new, Arya spread Melisandre's lips with her fingers, and stuck her tongue in as far as she could, and swirled her tongue around.

"Mmmmmmmm.... Not bad," Melisandre said, "I think you deserve a reward. Come in!"

After a few seconds, Arya heard the door open. Shocked, she looked up from Melisandre's pussy.

Who does she see?


King Stannis.

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