Arya Accepts It

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Arya hung her head in resignation. "Fine," she whimpered, a tear running down her cheek, "Just please be gentle."

"Gentle," The Hound scoffed, "I don't give a fuck what you want." Roughly, The Hound threw Arya over a nearby log, her ass in the air. Arya fought to hold back her tears. If she cried, if the Hound broke her, he won, and Arya would not let that happen. However, as she heard The Hound's pants hit the ground, despair began to set in.

Maybe I can make a run for it, Arya thought, looking at the forest in front of her, but those dreams were crushed when Clegane put his hand on Arya's back, pinning her to the log. With all avenues of escape closed, Arya prepared for the inevitable.

"You better not scream to loud, girl," The Hound said as he lined his 9 inch cock up with her pussy, "Unless you want some nearby bandits to fuck you up the ass too." With that, he unceremoniously plunged into Arya, causing her to scream in pain. It was as if someone was ripping her apart. Another thrust and The Hound had claimed her maidenhead, eliciting another scream from Arya.

"What did I just fucking say!" The Hound scolded as he rammed into her again, "Shut the fuck up or this won't be the only hole I use." Terrified, Arya bit her lip to contain her screams. In and out the Hound thrusted, not caring how much pain was inflicting. Part of him enjoyed it, inflicting pain on this little girl for his pleasure.

Arya, on the other hand, was losing the fight to hold back her tears, as a few betrayed her and ran down her cheek. However, amidst the pain, she was starting to feel a twinge of pleasure. This small bit of pleasure could not amount to the pain she felt, emotional and physical, but it was there nonetheless.


Shocked, Arya felt the sting of the Hound's hand on her ass. She gasped, surprised by the pain, and by the warmth she had felt emanate from the blow.

"I told you to be quiet, not silent!" The Hound growled, ramming all nine inches balls deep into the little girl. "I don't wanna fuck a corpse!" In an effort to please him, Arya moaned. It was fake, and the Hound knew it.

"You can do better than that!" Sandor growled, spanking her again and fucking her harder than before. "How old are you? Ten? Twelve? Fuck if I know. Your old enough to know what sounds to make. If you want this to be over quickly, you better play along." To prove his point, he spanked her again, harder this time.

"Mmmmmmmm...yeah.." Arya moaned, half meaning what she said, "Fuck my tight cunt, you bastard. Feel good to rape a child, huh?" The Hound repaid her with a hard slap to her right cheek, but Arya knew he liked it. "What about Sansa, my sweet sister. You wanted to - uh! - you wanted to fuck her too didn't you. Bend her over and fuck her." The Hound was enjoying this, confident Arya Stark talking dirty to him, talking about her own sister. He was meeting less resistance now, as her pussy lubricated itself. She was starting to enjoy this. He smiled as he slammed into her faster and faster, her petite, prepubescent ass swallowing his cock.

"Yeah, you wanted my sister," Arya continued, getting closer to... was she going to cum? "But you couldn't have her. How many times did you jerk off to my sister, you sick fuck? How many - AH!" The Hound spanked her hard, as he approached his climax. Arya was into it now, pushing back, meeting The Hound's thrusts with her own.

"You had to settle on me, didn't you. Another -ugh- anoth - ohhhhh - another Stark to stick your ... ugh.. your fucking cock in! Are you gonna cum? Cum in a ... in a little girl?" Arya was out of breath as she felt her pussy tightening. The Hound could feel it to, and pounded her as hard as he could.

"I can't... Here it... AHHHHH!" Arya screamed as she came, covering her rapist's cock with her juices. She collapsed, waiting to be filled with her captors cum, when suddenly The Hound grabbed her hair. He pulled her up and turned her around.

"What are you -" Arya was cut off by The Hound shoving his cock in her mouth. She gagged on it, and before she could get used to it The Hound grunted and came down her throat. Steam after stream of pent up tension erupted in Arya's mouth. Clegane pulled out and the last few strands coated her face. They both stood there for a minute, panting. Then The Hound grabbed his ale, took a long, deep swig, and admired his handiwork.

"I expect you'll kill me in my sleep," The Hound mused, staring at the cum covered Lady of Winterfell. "I don't care. Do whatever the fuck you want." With that he pulled on his pants and laid down near the fire. Arya was stunned, and didn't know what to do.

Firstly, she used her ruined pants to wipe her face clean of Sandor's cum. Then she contemplated killing The Hound. She decided against it, as she would need both a bodyguard and a guide of she was to ever make it to King's Landing. Exhausted, she lied down and, before going to sleep, recited her list of names. She made sure to mention The Hound.

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