Arya Fights It

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"Like hell it is," Arya screamed, lashing back against her captor. She threw her head back, striking the Hound in the chest. Her fingers clawed at the Hound, trying to inflict as much damage as possible.

"Good, I like it when they struggle," The Hound snarled, his arm still around her neck. He picked her up by her neck, Arya kicking and screaming the entire time. Her back was to him, so her ability to inflict pain was limited. Using his free hand, the Hound unlaced his breeches and pulled out his cock.

"You better not scream to loud, girl," The Hound said as he lined his 9 inch cock up with her pussy, "Unless you want some nearby bandits to fuck you up the ass too." With that, he unceremoniously plunged into Arya, causing her to scream in pain. It was as if someone was ripping her apart! Another thrust and The Hound had claimed her maidenhead, eliciting another scream from Arya.

"What did I just fucking say!" The Hound scolded as he rammed into her again, "Shut the fuck up or this won't be the only hole I use." She furiously kicked and swung at the Hound as he slammed into her, fucking her so hard he was drawing blood. She refused to listen to him as she continued screaming, trying to alert anyone to her rape. It was no use, though, and all she did was make the Hound angrier. He thrust harder into her unlubricated cunt, finding pleasure in her pain.

Finally, she landed a successful punch into the Hound's jaw, chipping a tooth. "Why you little bitch," The Hound growled, stopping his assault on her pussy.

"Fuck you," Arya cursed, still struggling against his grip. However, her blood ran cold when she felt his cock press against her asshole. "No, fuck, you bastard, get off me!"

"You brought this on yourself," The Hound growled as he forced his dick into her asshole.

"NOOOOOOOO!!!!!" Arya cried as the Hound forced more and more of his cock into Arya's tight ass. She had never even put a finger up there, let alone something as big as the Hound's dick. The Hound drew blood as he shoved more and more of his cock into her tightest hole. The pain was excruiciating, and Arya's strikes became weaker and her screams became sobs.

"I gotta admit," The Hound said, getting balls deep in his captives ass, "Your not the worst fuck I've ever had. Wonder if your sister would of been better." At the mention of her sister, Arya renewed her attack on the Hound, scratching and clawing at him. "The slut would of been looser," the Hound continued, enjoying her stuggle. "And she actually had tits, gods the tits on her. I shoulda fucked her when I had the chance, shoved my dick up her ass."

"DON'T TALK ABOUT HER!" Arya screamed, clawing at his face and neck and anywhere she could.

"But I guess you'll have to suffice," The Hound taunted, nearing his climax, "What are you, ten? Twelve? Your not even a woman grown!" His thrusts became harder and faster, his balls slapping her pussy. With a grunt, he came, filling Arya's ass with all his pent up rage. He filled her to the brim with his sperm, some leaking out. Tears ran down her cheeks as she felt her rapist's cum fill her.

When he was finished, The Hound threw Arya down on her ground, her ass pointing up at him. Her asshole was gaping, and a steady stream of cum leaked out of it. She turned her head to face him, her eyes wet with tears.

"You... bastard!" She sobbed, glaring at the Hound.

"I expect you'll kill me in my sleep," was the Hound's reply, staring at the Lady of Winterfell, who holes he had just defiled. "I don't care. Do whatever the fuck you want." With that he pulled on his pants and laid down near the fire.

Gathering herself, she sat up and examined her privates. Both holes were bleeding, her ass oozing a mixture of blood and cum. She contemplated killing The Hound but decided against it, as she would need both a bodyguard and a guide of she was to ever make it to King's Landing. Exhausted and hurt, she lied down. Before going to sleep, she recited her list of names. She made sure to mention The Hound.

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