Arya bathes alone

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"No thanks," Arya replied, turning toward the bath. Melisandre's apprentice nodded and left the room, leaving Arya alone.

Arya stepped into the pool, feeling the warmth of the water. Groaning, she submerged her body. She hadn't had a good bath in weeks. Sure, Stannis' men had cleaned her up when they found her. but they hadn't given her a proper bath. Arya closed her eyes and let the warm water soothe her. She could get used to this!

However, she did not want to make Melisandre wait, so she got to work cleaning herself. She ran her hands over her body, cleaning away any filth. She soaked her hair and splashed water on her face, giving her a clean glow she hadn't had since Winterfell. Her hands cupped her breasts as she washed her chest. She still felt they were too small, but realized it wasn't worth her time worrying about them. Her hands drifted down her stomach, past her naval, and rested on her pussy. She cleaned the dried cum off, but her hands lingered. Arya considered rubbing herself right here right now, but if she did, she would be late.

Does Arya pleasure herself?



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