Arya bathes with Podrick

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"Yes, actually, I do need something," Arya replies.

"What?" Podrick inquires. In response, Arya beckons for him to follow her. He does, and he watches as Arya climbs into the bath. Sitting down in the bath she turned to face him.

"Would you mind joining me?" Arya asks innocently.

Pod blushes and stammers "I-I uhhh Melisandre wants me t-t-to take care of the h-h-horse."

Arya smiles and spreads her legs. Through the hot, steamy water, Podrick can just make out the outline of her sex. "I think you would agree this is more important," Arya replies.

Pod is conflicted, but eventually decides to think with his other head. He rushes to unlace his jerkin and pull down his pants. Once his pants are down, Arya is greeted by Pod's massive penis. She gasps as she observes his 13 inch monster.

"Woah," Arya gasps, "Where have you been hiding that?' Pod just blushes a deep shade of red and climbs in the water. He approaches Arya and dips his hand below the water's surface, rubbing her pussy. Arya moans and reaches out, stroking his gigantic member. Once he feels she's ready, Pod lines up his huge, thick dick and pushes in. Arya gasps as she is stuffed, leaning on the walls of the bath for support. He began to move back and forth, fitting more and more in each thrust. He was trying to be gentle, making sure not to hurt her.

"Do I look like a highborn lady to you?" Arya asked, impatient.

"Y-y-yes, I mean no, no you don't," Pod stammered, unsure what she wanted him to say.

"Then why are you fucking me like one," she asked, grinning, "Fuck me like the slut I am."

Podrick nodded, then began thrusting in her with all his strength. Arya gasped as 8 inches were rammed into her. She rubbed her clit as she was fucked, relishing in the pleasure.

Taking charge, Pod flipped her over, keeping his dick inside of her. She was now lying on the edge of the bath, her ass hanging off. This allowed Pod to have better leverage and fuck her even harder.

Finally, Podrick slammed all 13 inches into her. She bit her lip to keep from screaming. He rammed in and out of her, hitting her g-spot on every thrust. It was too much for Arya to take, and she came, squirting all over his cock. She had never squirted this much in her life. and the liquid shot out and covered Pod's legs.

Grunting, Pod pulled out and erupted all over her ass, covering her behind with a layer of sperms. Some shots coated her back, and one strand found it's way in her hair. Pod bent down and washed Arya's juices off his leg and dick, before getting a towel and drying off. Arya was still in shock, and hadn't moved.

"Thank you very much, my lady," Pod said, pulling his clothes on. He then left the room and closed the door. The sound of the door closing snapped Arya out of her trance, and she realized she was going to be late.

She quickly cleaned herself off, getting all of Pod's cum off of her. It took her a while, as Podrick had really emptied his balls on her. Finally clean, Arya got out and grabbed a towel.

Drying her body with one of the towels, she looked over the clothes layed out for her. The clothes were red, which was no surprise. However, instead of a dress, which the other priestesses wore, it was a leather shirt and breeches. Putting it on, she saw it offered great mobility and protection. Hurrying out into the hall, she makes her way to the courtyard.

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