Arya becomes Joffrey's slave

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Arya lays back, covered in Joffery's seed, her mind a blur. "I want to be your pet. I want you to fuck me whenever you want. Please, take me to Kings Landing." Arya responded, begging the prince to use her.

Joffery proceeded to slap her across the face. She gasped at the blow, and screamed when Joffrey grabbed her hair and forced her to look at him. "When I come for you make sure you aren't wearing any smallclothes. I want to get started on the road." Without another word, Joffery collects himself and leaves. Arya was left speechless. However, she soon she relized she was naked in the middle of the armory, cum oozing out of her. She covered herself with her coat and hurried out of there, quietly sneaking back to her room.

The next day, Arya is ready waiting outside. She was wearing a large fear coat, under which she wore a sexy grey and white dress. She had made sure not to where any smallclothes, preparing herself to be Joffery's pet. She knew she would be fucked hard but that's what she wanted, already getting wet from the thought of Joffery's cock.

Joffery was waiting outside for the lannister royal carriages that would take them back to Kings Landing. Arya had convinced her father to let her ride with Joffrey. He had been shocked at first, assuming Arya hated Joffrey. However, he had consented. In his words, "How much trouble could you two get into."

"I hope you're not wearing anything under your clothes or I'm going to be very angry," Joffery growled, grabbing Arya's arm leading her to the carriages. To everybody watching, he was a gentlemen escorting her to the carriage. But in reality, his grip was too strong and Arya was his personal play thing.

"I made sure." Arya said, noticing all of the royal family getting into their own carriages. Now at the steps of their own carriage, Joffrey let Arya go first. As Arya was boarding, Joffrey sneakily groped her through her clothes. She smiled as she climbed the rest of the stairs. She was going to enjoy this!

Arya got into the carriage, noticing a long couch on either side. She sat down on one of them, Joffery sitting opposite to Arya. Just as Joffery sat down the carriages started to stir and they we off on their way to King's Landing.

Arya sat there obediently with her hands on her lap staring outside of the window at her home Winterfell. When she turned, she saw Joffery staring at her. For a few minutes he said nothing, then cleared his throat.

What does Joffrey say?


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