Arya crawls over to Bran

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Arya smiled naughtily. "I guess I'll have to prove I'm the hotter Stark," she said, grabbing the hem of her shirt and pulling it over her head. Her budding breasts were exposed to the air, making them stiff immediately. Bran's breath caught in his throat as her hands cupped and squeezed her boobs, all thoughts of Sansa forgotten. Her hand slid down her body, past her belly button, and came to rest on her pussy.

Smiling, she got on her hands and knees and slowly crawled over to Bran. Her eyes captured Bran's in their sultry gaze, Bran to shocked to do anything but stare. She finally came to a stop in front of his cock., licking her lips.

A sexy yet curious gleam in her eyes, she grasped his cock and brought it close to her mouth. Bran winced, as her grip was still a bit strong, but decided to not complain. After stroking it a few times, she stuck out her tongue and licked it.

Bran let out a soft moan, which Arya picked up on. She repeated her action, licking his cock again, and received a similar response. She decided to kick it up a notch and licked his shaft from the base to tip. Bran was in heaven, but his eyes drifted back to his other sister. Sansa looked to be asleep, her beautiful hair cascading over the rock. She looked so peaceful, so blissfully unaware of her sibling's actions. In Bran's head, it was Sansa licking him, not Arya. Arya's free hand had reached back and was rubbing her pussy.

Arya noticed Bran's wandering eyes and pouted. Determined to outdo her sister, she took the head of her brother's cock in her mouth. Bran's attention immediately switched back to Arya. She smiled, glad she was "winning," then began to bob her head up and down on his cock. Every time she went down, she took more of his dick down her throat. Bran ran his hands through his sister's hair, his eyes wandering her body. Her cute butt waved back and forth, like a wolf wagging her tail. He saw her other hand busy between her legs, furiously rubbing to thoughts of her brother. Her drool was covering cock, spit dripping down and coating his balls. Her eyes, though, stayed connected with Bran's. He could feel this was more than just proving who was hotter.

Bran couldn't take anymore. His hands grabbed Arya's hair and held her head in place as he came. He filled her mouth stream after stream of cum. Arya struggled at first, worried by the lack of air to her lungs, but then decided to let Bran man-handle her. Something about being dominated turned her on in a way she couldn't explain, and she came on her fingers, squirting all over the grass. Bran withdrew from Arya's mouth, the last two shots landing on her lips and one in her hair. Exhausted, the two collapsed, breathing hard.

"Told you I was hotter," Arya said, glad that she won. She licked her lips. swallowing her brother's excess cum. Bran glanced over at Sansa, and realized she was getting out of the water. Panicking, the two got dressed quickly and snuck away. Once they were a fair distance away, Arya placed a quick kiss on Bran's mouth, surprising him.

"I hope we have some more alone time on the way to King's Landing," Arya teased, squeezing Bran's ass, "I can't wait to have some more fun." They kissed again, this time more passionate and needy. They wanted each other, and Bran's hands made his way to his sister's cute little butt. Arya giggled and escaped his grasp.

"Save it for next time," she whispered, then turned around and left, Bran's cum still in her hair. Bran stood still and watched her go, her ass swaying as she walked away. While he would always find Sansa to be amazingly sexy, Arya was now the main object of his desires.

What happens next?

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