Arya has fun in the bath

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Feeling horny, Arya rubs her cunt faster and faster, The water splashes as she pleasures herself. She inserts a finger, than another, slamming the two fingers in and out of her pussy. She moaned as she brought herself nearer and nearer to orgasm.

Her free hand played with her small breasts, rubbing her nipples. Her thumb passed over her clit, bringing her over the edge. She came, squirting into the bath water. She lied back in the water, breathing deeply. Composing herself, she quickly finished her cleaning herself and got out.

Drying her body with one of the towels, she looked over the clothes layed out for her. The clothes were red, which was no surprise. However, instead of a dress, which the other priestesses wore, it was a leather shirt and breeches. Putting it on, she saw it offered great mobility and protection. Hurrying out into the hall, she makes her way to the couryard.

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