Arya is late for her needlework (Hair)

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Arya rushed out of the godswood, unable to push the smile from her lips. She couldn't even describe how happy she felt! She still felt warm all over as she thought back to her experience with Bran. She had never felt this strongly about anyone. Maybe I'm in love, Arya thought, the idea making her even happier.

However, a thought that didn't make her happy was needlework. She hated it, and especially hated the extra lessons she had to take. That's why she had followed Bran in the first place, to put off going to the stupid lessons. Groaning, she ran to Septa Mordane's room.

She found her sitting in her rocking chair, knitting a scarf or something. When Arya ran in, Mordane said, without looking up, "A lady shouldn't run around the castle."

"Sorry Septa," Arya grumbled, grabbing some needle and thread from a basket. "Your late as well," Mordane commented, still not looking at the Stark girl.

"I'd be even more late if I didn't run," Arya retorted, taking a seat. This caught the septa's attention, putting her scarf aside and standing up.

"Young Lady I don't know where you learned how to be so rude," she scolded, walking over to Arya, "And you wouldn't be late if you didn't spend-" She stooped mid-sentence, staring at Arya. Arya saw her nose twitch, and was so confused she couldn't muster a response. Suddenly, the septa reached out, one hand holding her in place while the other grabbed her hair. Arya cried out in protest, but Mordane soon backed off, bringing her hand to her nose and sniffing it. Then the realization hit her. She still had Bran's cum in her hair.

"I knew it would happen eventually," Mordane said, starring daggers at Arya, "All the wild girls do. But at your age! Now, your going to tell me who you did it with, and what you let him do."

"If you think I'm-" Arya began, but was stopped when the holy woman grabbed her and threw her against the table. Arya landed on her stomach with a grunt, her ass hanging off the table.

"Maybe I wasn't clear, you little whore," Septa Mordane growled, and Arya was truly scared, "Tell me who you did it with, and what you let him do, or there will be consequences."

What does Arya do?

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