Arya shows off to Bran

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Arya smiled naughtily. "I guess I'll have to prove I'm the hotter Stark," she said, grabbing the hem of her shirt and pulling it over her head. Her budding breasts were exposed to the air, making them stiff immediately. Bran's breath caught in his throat as her hands cupped and squeezed her boobs, all thoughts of Sansa forgotten. Her hand slid down her body, past her belly button, and came to rest on her pussy.

Smiling, she began to slowly rub her pussy, Bran's eyes following her every movement. He began to stroke his cock, now thinking about Arya instead of Sansa. Arya leaned back further and spread her legs even more, showing off her puckered little rosebud. Now using her thumb to stroke her pussy, she brought her middle finger down to her asshole. Her pussy juice being the only lube available, she dipped her finger into her pussy, then spread the "lube" around her asshole. She repeated this process a couple of times until she was ready to penetrate her tightest region.

Bran, meanwhile, had begun stroking his cock faster and faster, amazed at his little sister's sexuality. He snuck an occasional glance at Sansa, but Arya now had his attention. Arya, smirking at her awe-struck brother, was finally able to stick her middle finger into her ass. She gasped at the intrusion, before slowly moving the finger slowly, her thumb still working on her pussy. She was able to fit her index finger into her asshole too, thrusting both fingers in and out. Images of Arya on all fours, Bran's cock ramming into her asshole, flooded Bran's mind. He could feel his climax rapidly approaching.

"Come over here," Arya whispered, barely audible, "Cum on me." Bran didn't need to be told twice, quietly shuffling over to Arya, kneeling between her legs. He stroked his cock right over her pussy, watching as Arya began to approach her own orgasm. Letting out a soft moan, Arya came. Her juices squirted onto Bran's thigh, turning him on even more. Once she came down from her orgasm, Arya took her hand, still soaked with her own cum, and grabbed Bran's cock. She began to stroke it, biting her lip and locking eyes with Bran. She still gripped the shaft a bit too hard, but Bran was too far gone to care. He climaxed, shooting his sperm onto her breasts. Arya pointed his cock downward, covering her pussy and ass with his cum. The last few drops coated her fingers, which she brought to her mouth, licking them clean. The two siblings both lied down, exhausted.

"Told you I was hotter," Arya said, glad that she won. Bran glanced over at Sansa, and realized she was getting out of the water. Panicking, the two got dressed quickly and snuck away. Once they were a fair distance away, Arya placed a quick kiss on Bran's mouth, surprising him.

"I hope we have some more alone time on the way to King's Landing," Arya teased, squeezing Bran's ass, "I can't wait to have some more fun." They kissed again, this time more passionate and needy. They wanted each other, and Bran's hands made his way to his sister's cute little butt. Arya giggled and escaped his grasp.

"Save it for next time," she whispered, then turned around and left, Bran's cum still on her body. Bran stood still and watched her go, her ass swaying as she walked away. While he would always find Sansa to be amazingly sexy, Arya was now the main object of his desires.

What happens next?

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