Bathing in the Godswood alone

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Bran overhears from Jeyne Poole that she is in the Godswood. Excited, he rushes over, passing Arya and Jon on the way. He enters the Godswood quietly, as not to arouse suspicion. The Godswood is calm and tranquil, a little sanctuary from the troubles of the world. Three acres of forest, untouched for 10,000 years. A weirwood tree stood resolute in the center, the face of the old gods carved into it. Bran quietly snuck around the godswood, searching for his elusive sibling.

Suddenly, he hears a splash. Turning, Bran makes his way to the hot springs located in the Godswood. Hiding behind a bush, he finds his beautiful sister bathing in the warm water. She is completely naked, her clothes layed out on the ground. She is washing her thick, auburn hair, oblivious to her observer. Bran's eyes became fixed on her perfect, round breasts, shining in the afternoon sun. Her skin was flawless, and with no imperfections whatsoever. Bran looked lower, taking in her full butt. It wasn't big, not like the big, firm asses Theon talked about after spending time with Ros. However, it was beautiful in it's own way, a cute bottom for a cute girl. Bran caught a glimpse of her pussy, a small, neatly trimmed patch of pubic hair above it.

Bran lied down, still able to see Sansa through the bushes. He then pushed his pants down and gripped his cock. He had discovered masturbation while thinking of his sister one night. Bran knew he might never get another opportunity like this, so he decided to take advantage of it. He began to stroke his hardening penis, all the while gazing at his sister. She began to wash her breasts, cupping and caressing them. She let out a soft moan, barely audible, but picked up by the attentive Bran. Is she pleasuring herself? he asked himself. She moved on from her breasts, washing her stomach, butt, and legs. Once she was finished washing up, she layed in the water, resting against a rock. Her breasts were above the water, but her pussy was concealed, much to Bran's disappointment. She closes her eyes, relaxing in the warm water.

What happens next?

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