Bathing in the Godswood with Jeyne Poole

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He overhears from Septa Mordane that she is in the Godswood, along with Jeyne Poole. Excited, Bran rushes over, passing Arya and Jon on the way. He has always found Jeyne Poole pretty, not as much as his sister of course, but he was happy to spy on her as well. Bran entered the Godswood quietly, as not to arouse suspicion. The Godswood is calm and tranquil, a little sanctuary from the troubles of the world. Three acres of forest, untouched for 10,000 years. A weirwood tree stood resolute in the center, the face of the old gods carved into it. He quietly snuck around the godswood, searching for his elusive sibling.

Suddenly, he heared a splash, followed by a laugh. Turning, Bran made his way to the springs located in the Godswood. Hiding behind a bush, he found his beautiful sister and her friend bathing in the warm water. They are completely naked, their clothes layed out on the ground. The two girls were having fun, splashing each other with water. His eyes were fixed on Sansa's perfect, round breasts, shining in the afternoon sun. Her skin was flawless, and with no imperfections whatsoever. Bran then shifted his gaze to Jeyne. She wasn't as beautiful as Sansa, and her breasts were much smaller. However, something about her dark hair was a turn on for Bran. Jeyne screamed as Sansa splashed water in her face. Her breasts jiggled as she jumped back, then tripped, falling into the water. She fell on her hands and knees, her butt pointed right at Bran. He marveled at her beautiful ass and amazing pussy. The water shimmered on her cheeks, her pussy moist. Bran noticed she had a tuft of black hair above her pussy.

Bran lied down, still able to see the girls through the bushes. He pushed his pants down and gripped his cock. He had discovered masturbation while thinking of his sister one night. He knew he might never get another opportunity like this, so he decided to take advantage of it. He began to stroke his hardening penis, all the while still perving on the two women.

Sansa, giggling, helped Jeyne up. "I think that's enough of that," she joked, smiling. She had a beautiful smile. Jeyne nodded in agreement, the two lying down in the water. Sansa's breasts were hidden from view, with only the tops visible. However, Jeyne's breasts were completely above the water, her nipples hardening in the cold, northern air. The two closed their eyes and relaxed.

What happens next?

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