Bend the wildling over (Path Two)

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"Over here", he said, guiding her to the edge of the bed. "Now kneel."

She obeyed and got down to her knees, facing the bed. She had a good ass. Robb got rid of his own clothes while she was just kneeling there, not daring to look back. He softly stroked her back and her hair, then gently forced her upper body forward to bend over the bed. "Spread your ass."


Ah, the adorable innocence, Robb thought bemusedly, grabbing her hands and moving them to her buttcheeks. She understood and grabbed them tightly. Robb, enjoying teaching the naive girl, pushed her hands to the side, making her spread her cheeks and expose a pretty, pink cunt and a small asshole. He knelt down behind her, moved his head down, and licked her back entrance, making her shudder in surprise. Then he spat, drenched it in saliva, and used his fingers to lube her up. She whimpered, probably having been ignorant so far about the sexual uses of that hole. Getting more and more aroused, Robb finally took his cock and put it onto her opening, pushing it in only slightly.

"M'lord... that's not... that's the wrong...", Gilly whimpered.

"Oh, don't worry", Robb said, "you'll learn to enjoy it." With that, he shoved his dick in her asshole.

Her scream was deafening, but being the submissive little slut she was, she quickly muffled herself by pressing her face into the sheets. She even managed to hold on to her buttcheeks and continued to spread them apart. Robb didn't leave her much time to recover and thrust in a second time, earning another scream.

The day had been exhausting, but her ass was tight, her submissiveness adorable and arousing, so it didn't take long for Robb to climax once again. He filled up her hole, then sprayed a fair bit of cum over her back. Spent and satisfied, the Lord of Winterfell retreated from Gilly, but not without slapping her butt. As they both got dressed, Robb watched her shapely figure. She was quite adorable. No, she would definitely be more than just a cum dump for quick satisfaction, Robb thought, Gilly would be a nice bedwarmer for many a cold winter night. After they finished dressing, Robb kissed her on the lips, their tongues dancing with each other briefly.

"You will come with me to Winterfell," Robb said, withdrawing, "Where I will teach you many new things." She smiled at the last part, thanking Robb for his kindness. He dismissed her, ordering a new room be fitted for her. He also spared a servant to help take care of her child. Tired, Robb finished the letters and went to sleep, dreaming of sharing the wildling girl with his sister.

A midnight visitor


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