Bent over the kitchen sink (Path Two)

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"Let's see about that," Robb growled, lifting Sera's dress up. He revealed she had gone without panties today, her bare ass on display.

"What a naughty girl," Robb scolded playfully, ripping open her bodice. Her big, tanned breasts broke free, the nipples hardening in the cold basement air.

Sera was still cleaning the dishes as Robb exposed her tits. "Yes, I'm a dirty girl. Why don't you clean me up?"

Robb needed no further encouragement, pulling his dick out. He lined it up and thrust in, shoving Sera's body into the sink. She grunted as Robb pulled out, then rammed back in. However, she was a commited servant, and still tried to wash the dishes. With every thrust she almost dropped a dish, but she never cracked a single plate.

"You wanna be clean right," Robb grunted, pushing Sera down so her tits were in the soapy water. The suds covered her tits, her soapy boobs splashing around in the sink. Sera gave up trying to do the dishes and used her arms to brace herself. She moaned loudly as she came, her juices dripping down her leg.

Robb reached around and grabbed her boobs, kneading and squeezing them. The feeling of her soft, wet, slippery boobs in his hands was too much for Robb to handle. Pulling out, he came all over Sera's butt. She moaned as painted her backside white finally lying back, exhausted.

"So," Sera asked, grabbing a dirty dish and cleaning it, "Am I marriage material?"

Robb smiled and gave her ass a swat. "I'll think about it." With that, Robb zipped up his pants and left. He found Sansa waiting in the dining room, chatting with Mira.

"Ready for our walk?" Sansa asked, standing up and smoothing out her dress.

Go for a nice walk in the godswood

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