Bran catches you

From Create Your Own Story

Just as Arya is about to slam the door closed Bran slams into her and they tumble to the floor. The door hits the wall and rebounds itself into closing and Arya is left with Bran laying on top of her making it impossible to escape now that he is latched onto her. His arms wrapped around her back as they breathe heavily on each others face. The warmth of his breath tickled her cheek as they stared into each others eyes.

"Got you" Bran says proudly as he drops his head beside her softly brushing her ear which sends shivers throughout her body.

"So you did. What happens now brother?" She says teasingly as she shifts slightly trying to at least get comfortable with the additional weight on top of her since Bran refuses to let go now that he has her in his grip.

"I deserve a reward don't I? You most certainly made me work for it" He replies mimicking her tone.

It was then that Arya began to notice that their was something hard rubbing against her leg which only seemed to be getting larger. She shifts her leg slightly to ease the growing pressure on her leg but that caused Bran to slip in between her legs and the lump was now pressed up against her vagina rubbing softly against her as Bran breathes in and out. The slow rubbing sends shivers up Arya's spine and small groans escape her lips unwittingly.

"Bran. What are you doing?" She gasps slightly as her begins to rub harder into her, the tear in her dress allowing him to directly rub on her underwear.

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