Bran practices archery with Robb and Theon

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Bran decided to go practice archery with his brothers Robb and Theon. (While Theon wasn't his brother by blood, he was a true friend to Bran and, although sometimes too sarcastic and egotistical, Bran believed he would never betray him.) Bran found them in the courtyard talking about southron girls.

"...and the Queen, boy what I would do for a look at those tits. And seven hells I'd burn Winterfell to the ground to get between her legs!" Theon joked loudly. Robb smiled, but elbowed Theon when he saw Bran approaching. Bran didn't know why they never talked about girls when he was around. He liked them as much as anybody!

"I think the Queen is hot too!" Bran bragged, puffing himself up. Theon and Robb stared for a moment, then burst into laughter. Bran frowned as the two practically cried from the joke Bran had apparently told.

Robb looked at his brother and tried to contain his laughter. "I'm- I'm sorry Bran. I shouldn't laugh at my brother. How can I make it up to you?"

Bran relaxed a little, never being able to stay long at his big brother for long. "Can we go practice archery? I wanna be good so I can go hunting when we go south."

"Sure Bran," Robb replied warmly, leading the way to the targets, Grey Wind at his heels. Bran followed, as did Theon, who bragged about his skill with the bow. Once they got there, Bran picked up his bow and began loaded his quiver.

"Now remember Bran, don't tense up," Theon advised, "You wanna be relaxed, but strong. Got it?" Bran, truthfully, didn't get it. He was not very good with the bow and struggled to even hit the target. However, he nodded nonetheless and nocked an arrow. He took a deep breath, lined up his shot, and fired. Swiftly and gracefully, the arrow flew over the target.

"Everyone misses their first arrow," Robb encouraged, silencing Theon with a look, "Try again." Bran nodded, loading another arrow and firing again. This time the arrow landed a half a foot short. Groaning, he plucked another arrow from his quiver and nocked it. Before he was able to fire, however, an arrow wizzed by his head and struck the target dead center. Spinning around, he saw his sister Arya holding a bow and smiling triumphantly.

Bran blushed, embarrassed that he'd been shown up by a girl. She always did this, sneaking up behind him and getting a bulls-eye on he first try. Then Bran would chase her and she would outrun him, leaving him more embarrassed.

What does Bran do?

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