Bran wants to feel her lips around his cock

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"Could you ummm... could I use your mouth?" Bran asked, still unsure if this was a dream or not. Cersei just smiled and got on her knees.

"Whatever the young prince wants," she purred. Bran quickly stepped out of his pants and walked over, his cock level with the Queen's face. With experienced hands, she grabbed his shaft and began to stroke it, slowly and gently. Bran could see Jaime staring, obviously disapproving of the situation, but he didn't care. All he cared about was the Queen stroking his cock.

Without further foreplay, Cersei took the head of Bran's cock in her mouth, her tongue twirling over the tip. Bran moaned and his knees buckled as she took more and more of his cock into her wet mouth. He could see she was just as horny as he was, and before long she had taken his entire length. Her lips glided over his cock, deepthroating him every time she went down. It wasn't a sloppy blowjob, though. No, she was the Queen of Westeros. She was neat and clean, with the skill of someone with experience. Taking his dick out of her mouth she moaned, running her tongue over the side of his cock, before going down on him again.

Hearing his sister moan was more than Jaime could take. "NO!" He growled, walking over to the two, "I'm not going to sit by as some boy fucks my sister's mouth!" At first, Bran was worried he was going to hurt him. However, he soon realized his true intentions. He roughly grabbed Cersei's hips and dragged her forward, so she was lying on her back. Bran had to adjust to keep his dick in her mouth, kneeling beside the Queen's head. Jaime pushed her dress up, revealing her neatly trimmed pussy. "This pussy is mine!" Without further warning, he pushed into her pussy, shoving his entire length in on the first thrust. Cersei grunted, her voice muffled by Bran's cock. Her boobs bounced with every thrust, her ass rippling from the impact. She tried to keep sucking Bran off, but she had a hard time with Jaime ramming into her at an astonishing speed.

Bran, wanting more of the Queen's hot, wet mouth, decided to take charge. Grabbing her hair, he forced his dick down her throat, holding it there until she gagged. Pulling her off his dick, he let her take a breath, before shoving it back in. Her eyes met his as he was fucking her face. Bran was worried he might be taking a step to far, but he could see in her eyes she loved it. She loved being manhandled from both sides.

To his credit, Bran lasted surprisingly long. However, he couldn't last forever, and with a grunt he came down the Queen's throat, blast after blast of his semen pouring down her throat. She milked him dry, loving the taste of his northern cum. Exhausted, he withdrew from the Queen, sat down, and watched the rest of the show.

Without the Stark in her mouth, Cersei's attention became entirely focused on her brother. She thrust back into him, the siblings overtaken by lust. Jaime pounded his sister with a speed Bran had thought was impossible, fucking her like a lion in heat. Leaning down, Jaime locked lips with his sweet sister, sinking his cock into her tight snatch. The twins climaxed together, their juiced mixing together. After coming down from their orgasms, neither moved, Jaime lying on top of his sister. Finally, Cersei turned her head and looked at Bran.

"I trust that I've earned your silence," She said between breaths. Bran nodded, intending to be true to his word. The Queen just closed her eyes, and enjoyed the moment. Bran took that as his cue to go, gathering his clothes and quickly putting them on. Once he was fully dressed, the Stark climbed the windowsill and prepared to descend. Before he did, though, he wanted one last look at the Queen. Turning around, he was instead met by the harsh stare of Jaime, only a few inches away from him.

"Sorry about this. I really do believe you won't tell anyone. But..." He looks your right in the eye. "Nobody fucks my sister." Without another word, he shoved Bran, sending him flying off the tower. Bran reached for something, anything, to grab on to, but the ground soon came rushing to meet him.

Summer howled. Crows circled the broken tower.

Does the fall cripple Bran?

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