Catelyn gives in to her desires

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Cat leaned forward and grasped the Queen's breasts in her hands, feeling the pliant weight of them under her fingers. She rubbed Cersei's nipples with her thumbs, a thrill of pleasure running through her as she heard the Queen's throaty growl of delight. She found herself staring in fascination at the beautiful globes, watching the flesh dance and spring beneath her fingertips.

Suddenly, she felt Cersei's hands press against the back of her head. The Queen pulled Cat towards her breasts, and rubbed her nipples against Cat's mouth. "Suck them, bitch," declared the Queen haughtily. Catelyn opened her mouth and engulfed the tip of one of the Queen's breasts, sucking and licking at it eagerly.

"Oh, yes, yes, that's it..." groaned Cersei, releasing her grip on Cat's head as she enjoyed Lady Stark's eager ministrations. Catelyn felt Cersei's hands run down her sides and settle on Cat's breasts. Soon she was enjoying the same treatment she'd been giving the Queen, earlier. "Mmmm, yes," muttered Cersei. "That's a... ooooh... good slut. You like the royal tits, now don't you?"

Cat grunted her agreement, as she felt Cersei twist and pinch her nipples. The Queen's other hand went lower, until it began rubbing at the lips of her womanhood. "Ohhh, you like them very much," said Cersei with a laugh, as her thumb rubbed Catelyn's clit, and her fingers played with her wet cleft. The Queen yanked Catelyn's face from her breasts, and pulled her in for a long kiss. When it ended, Cersei regarded Catelyn with a superior smirk. "I think we should move to the bed, don't you?"

Does they move to the bed?

(Alias the Rat)

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