Catelyn sits on the throne

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Climbing the steps, Catelyn tentatively sat down on the famous chair. She was immediately struck by how uncomfortable it was. Why would anyone want to sit on this chair?

She heard the doors open, and in walked Brienne. Brienne had been her pillar of strength throughout all of this. Loyal to a fault, she would do anything for Catelyn. She was the one who had carried Robb from the battlefield, fighting off knights as she went. She was also able to slay Ser Meryn Trant.

"Your Grace," Brienne greeted, taking a knee in front of the throne. Always honorable, Catelyn thought, smiling.

"Rise, Brienne," Catelyn replied, standing up from the horrid chair, "I assume there are some issues I need to deal with."

"Yes my Queen. The city is practically undefended. The city watch has pledged their loyalty to us, but their numbers are lower than ours."

"Send a raven to my sister, asking for her help. I doubt she will, but it can't hurt to ask. Also, try to recruit as many commoners as possible. Beyond that, I'm clueless. Another task for the small council."

"Speaking of which, we need one. Littlefinger is gone, and while Varys has remained I doubt his loyalty."

Catelyn sighed. She wanted to be searching for her daughters, not squabbling over politics. "I intend to appoint Roose Bolton as my Hand, given he was the first to pledge for me. His son also holds the North, so his support is crucial. I'll figure out the rest later."

What is Catelyn's next request?

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