Cersei has to prove her oral skills (Afternoon)

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Robb enjoyed the sight of Cersei Lannister on her knees immensely. But of course it would get much better than that.

Not wasting any time, he opened his pants. His cock was already rock-hard in anticipation, and he thought he heard a slight hint of a surprised gasp from the former Queen as she saw his manhood. Bigger than your brother's, isn't it?, he thought.

He didn't feel like doing any work, so he just signaled her to come closer and do her duty. With an icy stare, she closed the gap between them and grabbed his cock with her mature, but graceful hands. She breathed in deeply, then opened her mouth and inserted his manhood. With closed eyes, she began sucking.

Robb felt euphoric. Cersei Lannister, former Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, had her beautiful lips wrapped around his cock. And it wasn't just the power aspect, she quickly showed that she was actually quite good at it. She must have sucked a lot of cock in her life. And thanks to Robb's threats, she was not holding back. Very soon, he felt his climax coming closer.

Robb grabbed her head and forced her down on his shaft deeper while caressing her golden hair. Damn, she is way too beautiful for such a vile person, he thought, The perfect candidate for all my rape and humiliation fantasies...

Not quite able to cope with his pushes, Cersei's movements became more choppy and she made some gagging sounds. Now it gets fun.

Robb didn't give her any time to adapt and forced down his cock deeper and deeper. Her mouth was filled with saliva and he was beginning to explore her throat. She gagged again, trying to move back her head, but he held her down. She opened her eyes wide, obviously panicking now. Robb's cock was completely inside her now. Under muffled sounds, she tried to escape, but to no avail. Spit was dripping out of the corners of her mouth, her bulging eyes were wet with tears. The sight of her being so helpless sent Robb's arousal through the roof. He was ready.

He let go of her head, making her immediately jerk backwards and gasp for air. Exactly as her mouth was wide open, he came, shooting a big load of semen right inside. She gagged immediately, not able to stop her gasping for air, swallowing his cum in the process. Robb sent another load down her throat, then a big one on her face. He covered her right eye, her cheeks, then her chin, got a good load in her hair, then shot one over her pretty dress. He grabbed her head again, forced it down on his dick and shot a last, big load, filling her up. She choked and twitched and gagged, until Robb could see cum dripping out of her nose. He let go of her and she collapsed on the floor, still fighting for air.

That was good, Robb thought as he pulled up his pants. She would make a formidable sex slave for at least a few more years before her beauty would fade.

"You will be coming with me to Winterfell," Robb dictated, "I'm sure we'll meet again." With that, Robb ordered his guards to take Cersei back to her cell, where she belonged. When she was back in her cell, alone, Cersei let her head drop, and cried.

Robb walked out of his room, and was greeted by his sweet sister Sansa, dressed in a beautiful light blue dress.

"Robb, Jon is here!" Sansa exclaimed, ecstatic.

"Jon? Why is he here?" Robb asked, surprised. He hadn't been expecting to see his half brother for a long time.

"Who cares! We're having dinner and your missing it. Come on!" Sansa giggled, pulling his arm. Robb loved how happy she was, so full of joy.

Does he go to dinner?

Dinner with Jon


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