Cersei notices Bran

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As Bran watched with awe, his dick began to harden. However, his blood ran cold when his eyes locked with the Queen. A first she was frozen, not believing what she was seeing.

"Stop, Stop, Stop," she screamed, pointing at Bran. Jaime quickly saw the Stark, and rushed over to him. Bran tried to climb back the way he came, but slipped. He grabbed the ledge with his other hand, his fingernails digging into the unyielding stone. Jaime reached the windowsill and reached a hand down.

"Take my hand," Jaime said, "Before you fall." Bran seized his arm and he yanked him up to the ledge. Bran was surprised and terrified by his strength. What have I got myself into?

"He saw us," the woman said shrilly.

"So he did," Jaime agreed. He looked Bran in the eye, and he could see the fear. "What should we do with him?" Bran could see what Jaime wanted to do, and it didn't end happily for Bran.

"Well, obviously we can't have him telling anybody," Cersei snapped, looking at Bran. Bran looked her in the eyes, and noticed a trace of longing in them. She was obviously turned on from fucking her brother, and he could tell her eyeing his crotch. The excitement had brought him down to half-mast, but his pants tented all the same.

"I think I have a way to ensure that," Jaime said, turning toward the young Stark.

"No!" Cersei yelled, standing up, "Don't be so barbaric! I'm sure we can come to a more peaceful agreement." She motioned for Bran to walk over to her, which he did hurriedly, glad to be away from the edge. Her boobs were still out, her nipples hard in the cold northern air. Cersei caught him staring and smiled. "I see someone is enjoying the view."

Bran blushed and looked away. Cersei took her finger and pulled his chin up to look her in the eyes. "Here's the deal. You don't tell anyone about what you saw up here. No one. In exchange, I'll let you have some fun with us. Does that sound nice?"

Before Bran could respond, Jaime interrupted. "Oh no, I'm not letting this Stark brat -"

"Oh boys," Cersei lamented, facing her brother "Why must you always have such a problem with sharing. It's better than Robert's wrath, isn't it?" Jaime said nothing, giving his reluctant silent aproval. "So," Cersei said, turning back to Bran, "What do you say? Deal?" She extended her hand, and Bran considered his options. With one being sex, and the other death, it was an easy choice. He couldn't nod fast enough.

"Good," The Queen purred, reaching down and squeezing his cock, "I think we're all going to enjoy this." Her deft hand unlace his pants quickly. Bran cast a quick glance over to Jaime, who was clearly not happy. However, Bran's attention was quickly stolen back by Cersei as her hand wrapped around his cock, pulling it out of his pants.

"Wow, very big for a boy so young," she praised, stroking it. "I know society doesn't approve of two siblings showing their love in the most intimate of ways. But why? Why can't two people who love each other be together? Tell me, have you ever had fun with one of your sisters?"

The way the rolled of her tongue turned Bran on even more. He shook his head, blushing.

"Oh, but you want to. I can see it in your eyes. Who? The auburn haired one?" Bran nodded, still blushing. "Oh, she's a sweet girl. What's her name again? Oh, that's right. Sansa. Have you had dreams about her? Dreamt of fucking her?" She removed her hand from Bran's cock, and walked back over to the blanket the sibling's had layed out. "To earn your silence I'll let you pick. Which hole do you want?"

Which hole does Bran pick?

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