Cersei stands up

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Smiling, Cersei withdrew her fingers from the Stark bitch, making her way to her nightstand. After rummaging around a bit, she withdrew a long object from the lowermost drawer. It was a red and gold dildo, about 6-8 inches long with the Lannister sigil embalzoned on the side. Catelyn stared at it, wondering where it would be shoved. Wordlessly, Cersei walked around Cat's front, her confidence and authority making Catelyn wet all over again.

"Lube this up for me," Cersei asked, holding the dildo in front of Cat's mouth. Dutifully, she took the dildo in her mouth, sucking it as if it was a cock. She slobered all over it, coating it with her saliva. Abruptly, Cersei pulled the dildo out of her slave's mouth, a trail of spit breifly appearing between the two objects. That's what Catelyn Stark was, an object, for Cersei to use for her pleasure, just like a dildo.

"We are expected to attend a feast, hosted by your husband," Cersei said calmly, now walking behind her slave. Cat stuck out her ass, not caring what was done with it. Cersei spanked it, but in a way that made Cat feel as though she had done the right thing. "While we are at the feast, you are to appear as you always have, the Lady of Winterfell. But you are mine, and to prove that, you will carry this inside of you."

Which hole does she shove it into?

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