Cersei teaches Myrcella

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"So, you actually WANT to marry this Martell boy," Cersei said, refilling both her daughter's wine glass and her own.

"Yes," Myrcella replied nervously, taking a tentative sip from her wine glass. She was scared, confused, and curious at the same time. After arriving in King's Landing, she had been escorted to her mother's chambers, where she had confronted with a very different woman than she had remembered. Cersei's hair wasn't the only thing that had changed, she was much more cold, much more calculated, and honestly a lot more provacative than Myrcella had remembered. Maybe it was because she was seeing the Queen through older eyes, but Myrcella was sure she had seen her mother checking her out. Her mature eyes had gazed hungrily, if only for a brief second, over the princesses young, beautiful flesh. Her Dornish attire was not very conservative, and the top of Myrcella's cleavage was visible.

"Do you even know the first thing about marriage?" Cersei asked, snapping Myrcella back to reality.

"Of course," the young lion cub replied, trying to sound confident, "I will always love him, and bear his children, and -"

"No, none of that bullshit matters," Cersei growled, surprising her daughter, "Marriage is about keeping him happy. If he isn't happy, you're not gonna be happy." Cersei, seeing Myrcella's stunned silence, continued. "Want proof? I didn't keep Robert happy, and you must remember the many bruises he honored me with."

Myrcella was back on the defensive, asking her mother in a quiet, meek voice "But how do I do that?'

For the first time that evening, the Queen grinned. "Oh, I thought you'd never ask," she chuckled, clapping her hands. From the door behind Myrcella emerged a familiar face, her father Jaime Lannister. However, what shocked Myrcella was the fact that his hard, 9 inch erection was out for anyone to see, the tip glistening with pre-cum.

"Jaime said he told you your true parentage," Cersei casually continued, leading Jaime around the table and in front of their stunned daughter. "This will be our first family activity. How fun!"

"I-I-uhm-I don't-" Myrcella stammered, trying to form words.

"Oh hush, I thought you went to Dorne, the sex capital of Westeros!" Cersei scolded, grabbing her brother's cock. "Now, this is a cock. I assume your septa explained how babies were made?" Myrcella nodded, not knowing what else to do. "Good. Now, there are more ways to please a man, and ways to do it without losing your maidenhood. Observe."

Without further ado, Cersei took her brother in her mouth. She bobbed up and down on his cock, expertly taking almost 6 inches already. Pulling off him, she ran her tongue over the tip, making Jaime groan in pleasure. Myrcella, meanwhile, was transfixed, both shocked and turned on. She'd never seen anything like this, only having heard about blowjobs from some Dornish girls. She certainly did not expect her mother to preform such acts in front of her!

"Come," Cersei said, licking the underside of the shaft, "You need to see this." Myrcella walked over without hesitation, kneeling next to her mother. "Now, don't just try and swallow the entire thing. Ease yourself into it. First, just focus on the tip, and use your tongue. The tongue is the most important part." Between sentences, Cersei was demonstrating these actions, sucking on Jaime's dick like a lolipop. Myrcella was mesmerized by her uncles, sorry fathers, long cock. She wasn't even listening to her mother anymore, just watching her go down on Jaime, studying how she worked her lips and how her tongue stimulated the tip. She was so turned on that, when her mother said "Your turn," Myrcella didn't hesitate.

She silently began her assault on her Dad's dick, heeding Cersei's advice while she sucked. "Slow down." Myrcella calmed herself, making each stroke count. "Look him in the eyes." Myrcella looked up, her eyes locking with her horny uncle. "Go deeper." Myrcella tried her best, taking almost 5 inches down her small throat. All the while, she had two fingers buried in her smallclothes, furiously rubbing her pussy.

"I'm gonna cum," Jaime warned, to which Cersei replied "Swallow it all." Not sure what they meant, she was surprised when a torrent of salt, white goo came pouring down her throat. She wanted to spit it out, but being a good daughter, swallowed every last drop, milking him dry.

Withdrawing her father's cock from her mouth, she looked to her mother for approval. "You did well," Cersei said, pulling up her skirt to reveal her shaved pussy, "But you have much to learn."


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