Chase his sister

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Dropping the bow, Bran ran after her, determined to catch her. She giggled as she turned and fled, running across the courtyard. Robb and Theon's laughter stung as he pursued his older sister. She always made him look like a fool. Not this time, though, Bran thought to himself, This time would be different.

Making a sharp turn, she ran into Winterfell. Bran followed, at least 10 yards behind her. She ran into the dining room, weaving between servants still cleaning up last night's feast. Bran, wanting to achieve a lead, jumped onto the table and ran on top of it. The servant's were quite annoyed by their grand chase, but since they were their Ned Stark's children, they tolerated it. Luckily for the servant's, the two Stark's ran into the kitchen.

Once in the kitchens, the Arya tried to trip Bran up by zig zaging around the tables and pots. In some ways it worked, with Bran stumbling a couple of times. However, a skewer, connected to a rack, caught the edge of her pants. It caused a huge rip in the side of her pants. She was still fully covered, but the rip caused her to stumble and lose some ground. Leaving the kitchen she re-entered the dining room, then ran back outside, Bran hot on her heels. After a brief chase around Winterfell, they ran into the godswood.

Running through the trees, Bran realized he was mere feet behind his sister. He was so close to catching her, closer than he'd ever been before. Suddenly, his foot slipped on a wet rock. He knew if he fell, he would lose her. So, he leaped forward, arms outstretched.

Does he catch her?

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