Dinner with Jon

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Jon had arrived with a small group from the Night's Watch. Their official business was to recruit more men from the dungeons and swear their oath to the new King, but of course Jon was going to use this opportunity to see three of his siblings again. After his group was welcomed by the King and got assigned their quarters, Sansa had invited him to dinner. He, of course, gladly accepted.

When Robb and Sansa walked in, the main course had just been served. Sitting at the table was Jon, Theon, and his sister Arya. Robb greeted his half brother with a firm hug. The five 'Starks' sat down and dug in to their meals.

The group happily sat together as a family, in memory of Ned Stark who had been a father to all of them, and reminisced about the old times. When Robb, Jon and Theon had built wooden castles in the forest, when they had played in the snow and Jon had helped Arya pranking Sansa while Robb had chivalrously protected her, ...

They sat together for many hours, as it was growing dark outside, laughing and talking and drinking wine. Even Sansa got drunk and Robb suddenly noticed she was being a bit too obvious in her affections for him. He earned a curios look from Jon and Theon as she absentmindedly fondled with his jerkin. Even Arya was acting flirtatious, leaning on Jon, her hand on his leg. Robb thought back to how submissive his sister had been in bed, and that maybe she could handle a lot more than just him...

What does Robb do?

Share his sisters with his brothers

Just share Sansa with his brothers

Sansa is his alone


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