During Robert's Reign (Eddard)

From Create Your Own Story

It's been 16 years since you put Robert on the throne and ended the Targaryen dynasty, 16 long years in which you raised 5 trueborn children, a Bastard son who was secretly a Targaryen Prince, and a hostage from the Iron Isles. Just as your marriage and family has prospered, so has the North, and you are known to be honorable and just from Dorne to the Wall. As of late, things are not well in the seven kingdoms.

There is news North of a King beyond the Wall, a threat to your realm, and your brother Benjen writes you to worn of dark times ahead.

In the South, news in King's Landing is not great. Robert's health is worsening, and Jon Arryn writes to worn you of the days to come.

Even in the far east, there are rumors, Viserys Targaryen, the beggar king, who plans to wed his sister a a Dothraki Khal in exchange for an army.

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