During a trip to the North (Alysanne)

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Alysanne Targaryen rode along through the skies on the back of her dragon, SilverWing. She and Jae had decided that after the rigorous stresses of ruling the Seven Kingdoms a holiday was in order, and decided to take a trip to cold, hard lands of the North with its cold, hard people, taking with them six dragons and half the court.

Flying in a steady procession made Alysanne restless however, and when Jaehaerys allowed her to go on ahead she had shot forth with the speed of an arrow. She would never grow tired of this feeling, the wind blowing through her air, the popping in her ears, the freedom that was afforded to her. The sky was an open hand, friendly and welcoming, offering her to go wherever she pleased and in its palm one could see the entire world. This was true even now as from this high up she could see the smallest hint of Winterfell in the distance, and beyond that the was the vague hazy shadow that was the Wall.

The lands of the north flitted past beneath her and the her people below looked to be as small as ants as they went about their daily lives, going in and out of buildings and tending to their crops and hunting for bandits, and more than a few times they would stop what they were doing to stare up at her and her steed in awe.

Up ahead she saw a small village and decided to take a closer look. Already she could see that she had not arrived unnoticed for a few of the village boys had clustered on one of the small hills surrounding it. Now that she was lower to the earth they saw who she was. And they cheered:

"The Good Queen! The Good Queen is coming!"

They loved her. From the here to the unbowed sun-blasted lands of Dorne, they loved her. Beautiful and kind, the common folk willingly groveled at her feet, and burst into tears when she bared them gifts. In their eyes she was the perfect lady.

But is this true?

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