First day of Training (Late)

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Using her sense of direction, Arya makes it to the courtyard fairly quickly. Once there, she sees the Red Woman, who is accompanied by a man Arya had never seen before. He was very handsome in a roguish sort of way, with dark hair and dark eyes. He was standing in a very relaxed stance, and rather obviously checked Arya out when she entered the room. His leather armor was black, instead of the usual red.

"You are late," Melisandre stated, crossing her arms. She seemed stern, like a teacher, which was quite different from last night, when she had been a lover. She was also obviously mad. "Your tardiness is an insult to me and to R'hllor."

"Sorry," Arya apologized, "I, uhhhhh, I got lost."

"Never lie to me," Melisandre warned, "It will never work. You were late because you put your sexual desires ahead of your training." The man smirked at that.

"I'm sorry," Arya repeated, "It won't happen again."

"I'm sure it won't," The Red Woman said, approaching Arya. She gestured to her companion. "This is Bronn. I brought him hear to teach you how to fight. But I guess he'll be punishing you instead." She pointed to a nearby bench. "Sit over there."

Arya obeyed quickly, not wanting to further upset her teacher. Bronn walked up to her, removing his gloves.

"Do what you feel is appropriate," Melisandre ordered, sitting down on another bench.

"As you wish, m'lady," Bronn replied. He put his hands on Arya's shoulders, then quickly spun her around. Before Arya could protest she was flat on her stomach, her legs hanging off the edge of the bench.

"Hey," Arya yelled as her pants were pulled down, exposing her bare pussy. She expected he would fuck her, and was starting to get wet when a hard spank hit her right cheek. She screamed in surprise and pain as another blow landed on her other cheek.

"When I was a boy, I got 20 if I was late," Bronn commented, hitting her again, "And they only counted when if I kept track." It took another two spanks before Arya realized she needed to count them out.

"One," she muttered after the next blow.

"Only counts if I can hear you," Bronn taunted, hitting her again.

"One," Arya snapped back. The next blow landed on her left cheek. "Two"





Bronn would alternate cheeks, sometimes slapping her right on the cunt. All the while, Melisandre watched on, emotionless.

"Twenty," Arya finally grunted, thankful she was done. Her ass was a bright red, Bronn's hand-prints emblazoned on her skin. She got up slowly, wincing at the pain. As she pulled her pants up, Bronn spanked her a final time, chuckling at her grunt of pain.

"Do not be late again," Melisandre said, standing up. "I hope you learn well from Bronn." She turned to leave, but stopped. "Oh, I almost forgot, you'll be needing this." She produced a sword from her robe and threw it to Arya, who deftly caught it. Pulling it from it's scabbard, she realized the sword was Needle, her prized sword. It had been a gift from Jon, and had been taken from her when Stannis' men had cleaned her up. She swung it around a few times, re-acquainting herself with the blade. The Red Woman exited the courtyard, leaving the Arya alone with Bronn.

"Well, you heard the lady," Bronn said, drawing his dulled sword, "Raise your weapon."

"I can't train now," Arya complained, "You just spanked me 20 times! How the hell am I supposed to move if I can't walk!"

"You enemies won't care if you can walk," Bronn counted, "Besides, it's not my fault you were too horny to be on time."

Arya groaned. While she was glad she was finally going to be training with swords, she realized this was going to be a long day.

Arya's training begins

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