Flashback to Arya's First Time

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Arya threw more sticks on the fire. It was getting dark, and her and her companion had just finished "supper." If you could call half a rabbit supper. It hadn't even been a whole half, really. The Hound had taken most of it. Her stomach was empty, but her heart wasn't. In one week they would arrive at the capital, and she would be reunited with her family. Everything was falling into place.

"Ugh, your cunt of a brother and his men have hunted the whole damn forest clean," The Hound complained, sitting on a log and drinking ale. "All for a fucking chair."

"Don't talk about Robb like that," Arya shot back, defending her family.

"Why the fuck shouldn't I?" he replied, taking another large gulp of ale.

"Because, if they are going to pay you, you have to be nice to them, and to me!" She was standing up now, angry.

"I don't need to be nice," he growled, standing up, "I have you, and I'm gonna sell you! Once that's over with, I'll be done with this shit! Now shut your mouth before I shut it for you!"

"You can't touch me," Arya replied smugly, turning around and sitting down in front of the fire, "If you do, you won't get paid." Satisfied, she resumed tending the flames. However, The Hound wasn't through with her. Enraged, he grabbed her small body and put his arm around her neck. Arya panicked and reached for a sword, a dagger, anything, but found she was unarmed. She was at the Hound's mercy.

"I've had enough of your shit girl," The Hound snarled, tightening his grip, "I could hand you in bloody and they would still pay me! I could hand you over naked with my fucking cum leaking out of your cunt and I'd still get all the gold in Casterly Rock!" Arya doubted this was true, but she was in no position to argue. The Hound was drunk and mad, and there was no telling what he would do.

"You know what!" The Hound said, his free hand grabbing between her legs, "I think I'll taste some northern ass. I haven't had a tight cunt around my cock in years."

"No, please," Arya chocked, fear in her eyes, "Don't do this. Please, please no!"

"Look, girl, this is happening, so get used to it," Sandor said as he ripped Arya's pants off, reveling her unguarded pussy, "You might as well accept it."

Does Arya accept it?

Accept it

Fight it.

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