Follow Sera to the kitchens (Path Two)

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"Give me a few minute," Robb told his sister, giving her a kiss on the lips, "I need to tend to something."

Sansa smirked, seeing the look in his eyes. "Don't be too long," she replied, turning and walking away from him. Robb stared at her sexy ass as she walked out of the room. Getting back to the task at hand, he descended into the kitchen. He passed Mira, who was going to assist Theon. Glad he would have Sera to himself, her entered the kitchen.

He found Sera at the sink washing dishes. She noticed him enter and smiled. "Hello, m'lord. What brings you here?"

"Just thought I'd visit one of my favorite servants," Robb replied, walking toward her.

"Have you considered my marriage proposal," Sera asked, still washing the dishes. Robb was surprised how forward Sera was. It was unheard of for a servant to offer her hand to a lord not once but twice. Her confidence turned him on.

"I'm not sure I can accept," Robb said, walking behind the southron girl, "Other marriage prospects have so much more to offer. What do you bring to the table?"

Sera didn't even flinch, instead pushing her ass out, rubbing it against Robb's groin. "I think you'll find I have much to offer."

How does Robb take his servant?

Bent over the kitchen sink

On top of the kitchen counter

On the kitchen floor

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