Fulfill her Fantasy

From Create Your Own Story

"Well in that case", Robb said, "I think we can do something about that."

He grabbed his sister's hips and lifted her up onto the bed completely. She was looking at him with big eyes. "Get undressed and undo your hair", he whispered, "I'll be back in a couple of minutes."

He quickly slipped out of the room and made his way out of the Red Keep, towards the barracks. There were a few soldiers there, quickly fulfilling his request of a long rope. Little did they know that what was intended for siege weapons and similar machinery would now serve to tie up a northern princess and fulfill her kinky childhood fantasies. Speedily, Robb made his way back to Sansa's room.

She was lying on the bed, face down, completely nude, and welcomed him with an insecure, but also excited look.

Robb walked towards the bed and admired her body. She was petite and slender, but definitely not the little girl she had been when she had left Winterfell. The soft curvature of her spine as she was lying there, her pert butt rising in to the air, her breasts squished between her body and the mattress, her beautiful auburn hair flowing around her head - in this moment she seemed the most desirable girl in Westeros.

He kneeled down behind her and grabbed her hips, pulling them up in the air. Then he took the rope and began his work. He had done this with Jeyne Poole before, so he knew all the knots. But Jeyne had always just done it because she had loved the privilege of serving the heir to Winterfell - Sansa actually wanted to be tied up. This was so much better.

Soon enough, he had it tied around her thighs, her knees, her ankles, her waist, her arms and her neck, not tight enough to choke her, but to make it somewhat uncomfortable. She was not able to change her body position in any way, her thighs and upper body were locked in a right angle, her arms were tied to her body, her hands bound together behind her back.

Full of anticipation, Robb began removing his own clothes. Quickly, he had stripped down to his birthday suit and looked at Sansa's small, white butt. Instinctively, he slapped it again, coaxing a small cry of pleasure and pain out of the redhead.

"You like that?" Robb asked, spanking her again.

"Ahhh! Yes, gods Robb I love it," Sansa replied, surprising herself with the dirty language she was using. Robb loved it.

He put his index finger on her clit and started gently rubbing it. She was already melting under his hands, whimpering and moaning softly. He added his middle finger and pushed inside her, causing more cries of pleasure. "Who owns you, my sweet Sansa?", Robb asked.

"You", she exclaimed under heavy breaths, barely able to talk. "You, Robb, I'm yours, I'm your property, I'm your little whore..."

Damn, I never thought Sansa would be that kinky, Robb thought. He pushed his fingers in deeper, then put his thumb on her butthole and slipped it in.

She groaned and trembled. "Now I will claim you as mine, Sansa, and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it."

She loved it. "I'm yours, Robb, use me."

Which hole do you put it in?

Take her maidenhead

Violate her asshole

Call in Grey Wind


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