Go for a 'fun' walk in the godwood

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Robb decided to spend some time with his sister. He took her to the Godswood where he fucked her roughly against an old tree. He came in her quickly, filling her with his seed. After he was finished, he rested, enjoying the serenity the place had to offer. After recovering his stamina, he fucked his sister in the ass, then had him suck him off. He spent almost two hours in the Godswood, taking Sansa in every way a man can have a woman. Eventually, he was truly spent for the day and decided to go back to the Red Keep.

"That was fun," Sansa said, leaning on Robb for support as they made their way back.

"It sure was," Robb replied, "Tommorrow, we leave for Winterfell, right after I pledge my loyalty to Stannis. Then nothing will prevent us from being together." Sansa smiled, completely in love with her brother. He kissed her forehead and they continued wandering hand in hand until they had to stop the public displays of affection as they came back to the keep. Mira Forrester was waiting for them.

"Lord Stark", she said with a shy curtsy, "Lady Margaery has pleaded to speak to you."

Robb nodded. "She's invited to lunch with me on the seaside patio. Sansa, will you join us?"

"Oh, Lady Melisandre has already invited me to lunch", his sister answered, looking genuinely embarrassed. "I... I did not dare to refuse, with her being the King's advisor and all..."

"That's quite alright", Robb smiled, then gave Mira a nod to dismiss her. He still wasn't quite sure whether he wanted to marry Margaery or make her another slave. Meeting her would help him figure it out. He was interested in what she would have to say.

Lunch with Margaery Tyrell


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