Go for a nice walk in the godswood

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Content for now with his sexual conquests, Robb decided to deepen his newfound romantic relationship with his sister. He happily joined his sister for a walk in the Godswood. They just enjoyed the warmth of the sun as they strolled through the grass, hand in hand and frequently stopping for a loving kiss.

"When will we return home?", Sansa asked.

"Tomorrow. Today I pledge my loyalty to Stannis Baratheon, and I am free to leave. Jon will travel back to the Wall the same day, so it's convenient to leave together. Are you in a hurry?"

She smiled. "Well, I just haven't seen Winterfell in so long. I used to want nothing more than to come to King's Landing, and now I want to leave it behind forever."

Robb stopped and cupped her face in his hands. "I'll take you home, Sansa, where you belong."

She smiled happily. "You've always taken care of me, Robb."

They kissed softly. A hint of sadness appeared on her angelic face. "What will happen with us?"

Robb caressed her cheek. "I don't know." He sighed and looked at her for a while. "But I promise, I will always be there for you. And I won't marry you off. You're mine."

He kissed her again, this time more demanding, and she returned it giggling. It was good seeing her happy.

"Oh, Robb", she purred and leaped forward, resting her head against his shoulder and wrapping her arms around him. Robb carefully returned the hug and held her tightly, taking in the sweet scent of her auburn hair. She seemed so fragile in this moment, he never wanted to let her go again. I will protect you, he reinforced the promise in his head.

They stood there for a long time. Robb didn't want to be the one to break the hug, he wanted to give Sansa as much time as she needed. Eventually, she loosened her hug and smiled at him with her bright, blue eyes. He kissed her forehead and they continued wandering hand in hand until they had to stop the public displays of affection as they came back to the keep. Mira Forrester was waiting for them.

"Lord Stark", she said with a shy curtsy, "Lady Margaery has pleaded to speak to you."

Robb nodded. "She's invited to lunch with me on the seaside patio. Sansa, will you join us?"

"Oh, Lady Melisandre has already invited me to lunch", his sister answered, looking genuinely embarrassed. "I... I did not dare to refuse, with her being the King's advisor and all..."

"That's quite alright", Robb smiled, then gave Mira a nod to dismiss her. He still wasn't quite sure whether he wanted to marry Margaery or make her another slave. Meeting her would help him figure it out. He was interested in what she would have to say.

Lunch with Margaery Tyrell


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