Go with Melisandre

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"I accept Lady Melisandre's offer," Arya says, with her chin raised. This was her only chance to live the life she wanted, with a sword at her side. She knew she would always regret it if she passed up this chance.

"If that is what Arya wants, then so be it," Robb says, obviously saddened by Arya's decision. Arya feels bad she hurt her brother, but knows their separation won't be forever. Lady Melisandre, on the other hand, is visibly pleased.

"Thank you, Arya, for seeing the light," says Melisandre, "The Lord has a plan for all of us, including you. The night is dark and full of terrors, and we must prepare for the Long Night." She faces Robb. "Arya will stay with me in the Tower of the Hand, now my personal chambers. Arya will visit you tomorrow, but after that she will begin her training. While of course I would not prevent you from seeing your sister, she will need to focus, so please refrain from visiting often." She turns to address Stannis. "May I take Arya to my chambers now?"

Stannis nods. "If that is all, this meeting is adjourned." At this, Stannis stood up and left.

Robb pulls Arya into one more embrace. "Never forget, you are a Stark. You will always have a home in Winterfell." With that, Robb stands up and leaves, leaving Arya alone with Melisandre. She begins to have doubts. Did she make the right choice?

"Come, The Lord of Light does not wait." She turned and walked out of the room. Arya hurried to keep up. As they walked, Melisandre explained the history of her religion, from Azor Ahai to The Great Other. Once they arrived in Melisandre's room, Arya had a basic understanding of the Red God.

"So R'hllor communicates to you with fire?" Arya asked.

"Yes," Melisadre says as she lights candles around the room, "He sends us messages through the fire. We interpret these messages and do our Lords bidding."

"When will I learn that?"

"There is much you must learn before that. Be patient, princess." Melisandre pours two glasses of wine. "Before you learn to run, you must learn to walk. And before you walk, you must stand. She offers one of the glasses to Arya. "Drink."

Not wanting to look week, Arya takes a sip. The wine is sweet, and Arya takes another sip. She feels the buzz of the alcohol, but retains control. After taking a sip, Melisandre puts the glass down and stands in front of the bed, facing Arya.

"Your duty is to please the Lord of Light. Today, you will learn to please me." She slips her rope off of her body, revealing her nude form. Arya is shocked. She has seen naked women before, but never such pure, flawless skin. Her breasts are full and perfectly rounded. She has the curves of a goddess, ending in her immaculately shaped butt and her beautiful pussy. Her hair is red even down there, and was neatly trimmed. Arya was awestruck at her beauty, and thought of her unappealing flat chest and boyish looks.

"Do not think of yourself as ugly, or everyone else will too," Melisandre said, laying back on the bed. "You are beautiful, R'holler's work of art. Have you ever been with a man?"

"Yes," Arya answered, "With the Hound." (Flashback to Arya's First Time)

"Good, that will make your training easier," Melisandre spreads her legs, opening her pussy to Arya. "Pleasure me."

Arya is unsure. This was not what she was expecting. How does she react?





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