He Wants Talia First

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"I will, in a minute." Rodrick said as he reached his arm out to Talia.

She looked at him a little confused and leaned forward, "Do you need help?" She asked sincerely,

Rodrick's hand reached behind her head and took hold of her braided hair. He quickly pulled her towards his him and pressed his lips against hers. Talia's eyes sprung open in shock as she felt her own brothers tongue push into her mouth. She tried to pull back yet Rodrick kept her firmly in his grasp, Talia tried to get some leverage by placing her hands on the bed to push off, yet her right hand landed right on Rodrick's cock. Her eyes bugged out even more as she felt his stiff cock pulsing under his pants. Rodrick pressed himself up a bit enjoying her hand on his cock, but Talia was clearly being resistant right now.

Rodrick Let's Her Go

Rodrick Forces Her To Suck Him Off

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