He asks for a favor

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"Oh c'mon!" Bran complained, pretending to be upset. "This is the last chance I have to relax in the godswood before we go to King's Landing. I don't wanna waste it because you lost your clothes."

"I didn't lose them," Sansa countered, "And I didn't lose them. Arya stole them, the little bitch. Just please get them. I can't be seen like this!"

"But..." Bran complained, acting like he was considering her offer.

"Please Bran," she begged, almost to tears, "Please, I'll do anything!"

Anything? Bran thought nefariously, the wheels in his head turning. "Fine, but you owe me a favor. And you have to do anything I ask. And you gotta promise."

"Yes, thank you so much. I give you my word I won't forget your favor. Could you get the one with the flowers in the top drawer of my dresser?"

"Sure," Bran replied, running out of the godswood. He was so glad his plan had worked! Thinking about what favor he would as of Sansa, he practically sprinted through the halls of Winterfell and up the stairs to Sansa's room. He was so lost in thought that he almost crashed into Jeyne Poole, who was coming down the stairs. After a quick apology, Bran hurried past her and entered Sansa's room. Going to her dresser, he retrieved the dress she had requested. He then thought about her smallclothes, but decided to "forget" them. Besides, she had only asked for the dress with the flowers.

Rushing back to the godswood, he found his sister in the water, washing off the dirt from the bushes. Her back was to him, giving the young pervert a great view of her ass.

"Uhhh..." Bran stammered, not sure what to say. Sansa spun around and covered herself, blushing again.

"Oh sorry, I was just cleaning up a bit. Can you just leave my dress on the grass over there?"

"Sure," Bran said, gently placing her clothes on the ground. Sansa frowned when she saw the pile.

"Bran... You forgot my smallclothes."

"Oh," Bran said, acting like it was an accident. "Sorry, it's just that boys don't where smallclothes. Do I have to go get it?" Bran hoped to extract another favor from his sister.

Sansa sighed, seeing through his plan. "You'd probably want another favor, wouldn't you. No, it's fine. The important parts are covered."

"Okay," Bran replied, still wondering what favor he would ask of Sansa. "I'll see you at dinner."

"Thanks again Bran. I owe you one," she said, her eyes locking with Bran's. Bran was so in love with her, and temporarily lost himself in her gaze. However, he snapped out of it, nodded, and left Sansa to her business. On the way out he grabbed the clothes he'd hid and, sneakily, planted them in Arya's room. Feeling proud of himself, he went about the rest of his daily duties.

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