He calls her to his room

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Robb decided to go for the more glamorous option. He commanded one of his men to bring Cersei to his room, washed and clothed in the most beautiful Lannister gowns. She had to look like a Queen before he could truly enjoy degrading and humiliating her.

He made sure nobody would bother him for a while, then read a letter that had arrived this morning from Lord Forrester. He offered the hand of his daughter Talia in marriage. It was to be expected, every Northern Lord with an unmarried daughter would send him a letter like that or visit Winterfell in the next weeks. Not that Robb would complain!

The second letter was from his uncle Edmure. He wrote that Lord Frey had died in his sleep and Ryman Frey was new Lord of the Twins, albeit heavily contested by various brothers and nephews and cousins and whatnot. While the contract of marrying a Frey girl was still valid, Edmure implied that Robb should not feel too bound by it - the Freys were suddenly a lot less powerful and Ryman did apparently not care too much about his grandfather's plans. Robb smiled. Everything had gone a lot better than expected, now he was even free to choose a wife again. He read the rest of the letter. Edmure would send Roslin Frey, arguably the prettiest of the lot, to Winterfell.

Robb quickly wrote a response to Lord Forrester, inviting him and his family to Winterfell so he could meet his daughter. Let's gather all the girls at home so I can take my pick, Robb thought nefariously and imagined dozens of nubile girls lining up naked in the Great Hall before he banished the picture from his mind.

Just as he was done, there was a knock at the door. Two of his men brought in Cersei Lannister, beautiful and noble in a red dress, with long golden hair, green eyes and a voluptuous body.

After the guards had left, Robb got up and slowly strolled towards the former Queen. She followed him with hostile eyes and thin lips. Her whole demeanor said one thing: Pride. Despite having lost everything, she still tried to be in control of things.

"Lady Cersei", Robb said slowly, coming to a halt in front of her, standing uncomfortably close. "You killed my father."

She didn't break eye contact. "He was a traitor. He tried to usurp the throne."

Robb put a hand on her cheek and caressed her almost lovingly. "I think you should be punished for what you did."

She looked daggers at him. "You can rape me, Stark. All men are the same. That's all you can do."

Robb smiled. "Oh, I do not intend to rape you. You will submit to me willingly."

She almost laughed. "Never."

Robb just stroked her face a bit more, knowing exactly how to play his game. "So beautiful... I wonder how fair you were when you were younger. Did you look exactly like your daughter does today?"

Cersei swallowed and looked at him with a hint of worry in her eyes. Robb timed his pause and then continued to speak.

"I remember your visit to Winterfell. Little Myrcella only had eyes for me, did you notice? I don't think she would refuse. Maybe it would hurt a bit, but I'd try to be gentle. Sweet girl."

He noticed Cersei was shaking slightly. "You wouldn't do that."

"Would I not? Just like you wouldn't throw a child out of a window?"

She was clearly afraid now. "She's just a little girl."

Robb stepped back from her. "A pretty little girl. Maybe you can give me something better than she can? I usually prefer young, tight cunts... but I suppose your experience might make the whole thing more enjoyable?"

He paused for another few seconds, watching Cersei fight with her own pride. "It's still a shame to miss out on pretty Myrcella..."

Her look had lost none of its hostility when she got on her knees.

What does Robb make her do?

Cersei has to prove her oral skills

Cersei will take it in her ass


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