He can't resist her tightest hole

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"Could you ummm... could I use put my-- dick in your ass?" Bran asked, still unsure if this was a dream or not. Cersei just smiled motioned for the young Stark to walk over. He quickly walked over, stepping out of his pants.

"Whatever the young prince wants," she purred, taking hold of his cock. With experienced hands, she began to stroke it, slowly and gently. Bran could see Jaime staring, obviously disapproving of the situation, but he didn't care. All he cared about was the Queen stroking his cock. She spit on it, practically drooling over his cock. Bran was confused, then remembered how tight her ass was going to be. The thought filled him with delight.

Without further foreplay, the Queen turned around and got on all fours, presenting her supple ass to the young boy. Bran unwrapped his present slowly, lifting her dress over the hump of her ass. He gasped when he saw the masterpiece on display.

Her perfect ass was plump and round. Not fat, but there was definitely something there to squeeze. He ran his hands over her smooth skin, taking a cheek in each hand. Bran could see her pussy between her legs. It was dripping with arousal, the lips begging to be fucked. However, a different hole captured young Stark's attention. Spreading her ass with his hands, he got a good luck at her puckered rosebud. Her asshole was clean and tight, lacking any imperfection.

"Having fun back there?" Cersei joked, trying to hide her arousal. She wanted to be fucked... hard. Bran took the hint and lined up his cock with her asshole. Before entering her, he spit on her entrance and worked a thumb in, spreading the lube around. Cersei ground her teeth, not accustomed to the anal intrusion. Once Bran was satisfied, he slowly began to push his cock in. Both Bran and the Queen groaned as he slid in, inch after inch disappearing into her tight body. Cersei, though, was impatient, and thrusting back slammed the rest of Bran's dick into her. Bran was surprised, but quickly adjusted. He withdrew a bit, then slammed back in. Soon he found a rhythm, pounding the tight royal ass at a moderate pace. His balls would slap her pussy, further arousing her. She tilted her head back and moaned, closing her eyes and getting lost in the feeling.

Hearing his sister moan was more than Jaime could take. "NO!" He growled, walking over to the two, "I'm not going to sit by as some boy fucks my sister's ass!" At first, Bran was worried he was going to hurt him. However, he soon realized his true intentions. He walked in front of Cersei, fishing his cock out as he did. The Queen opened her mouth in protest, but was silence when Jaime shoved his thick, 10 inch cock in her mouth.

"Not now, sister," Jaime grunted, thrusting into her mouth, "Yell at me later." Grabbing her hair he roughly fucked her mouth, taking out all his frustrations and ramming them down her throat. Bran was surprised when she moaned, her eyes locking with Jaime's. It wasn't anger in her eyes, but lust. Does she like it rough? Bran asked himself.

He decided to find out, and brought his open palm down on her sweet, succulent ass. She grunted in response, but didn't move to stop him. He spanked her again, and again, all the while still pounding into her ass. She was clearly loving the abuse, pushing her ass back into his thrusts. Her breasts swung as the two men formed a pattern. Bran would thrust in as Jaime pulled out, then Jaime would thrust in as Bran pulled out. The two men passed the Queen between them in an unspoken agreement. Cersei loved it, loved getting spitroasted, loved being manhandled. She loved being used. Squealing on Jaime's cock, she came, her juices squirting all over Bran's balls. Her body slackened, and to keep her up Jaime had to hold her head and Bran her butt.

Jaime knew he was close, and pushed Cersei's head balls deep. With a grunt he came, pumping his cum directly down her throat. She almost choked on his cum, but she was too far gone to care. After he was done, he pulled out and walked away, still mad that Bran was fucking her. Without support, her head fell forward, resting against the cold hard stone.

"Please Bran," she whimpered, closing her eyes. Bran spanked her in response, but knew he couldn't last. His semen filled her ass, coating her intestines. She moaned as she felt the warm liquid inside her. He pulled out and painted her ass before he was empty. Both the Queen and the Stark were speechless, both just trying to get air. Cum leaked out of the Queen's asshole as she layed on the floor, her energy gone.

"I trust that I've earned your silence," She said between breaths. Bran nodded, intending to be true to his word. The Queen just closed her eyes, and enjoyed the moment. Bran took that as his cue to go, gathering his clothes and quickly putting them on. Once he was fully dressed, the Stark climbed the windowsill and prepared to descend. Before he did, though, he wanted one last look at the Queen. Turning around, he was instead met by the harsh stare of Jaime, only a few inches away from him.

"Sorry about this. I really do believe you won't tell anyone. But..." He looked him right in the eyes. "Nobody fucks my sister." Without another word, he shoved Bran, sending him flying off the tower. Bran reached for something, anything, to grab on to, but the ground soon came rushing to meet him.

Summer howled. Crows circled the broken tower.

Does the fall cripple Bran?

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