He explains the rules

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"Before we get to Kings Landing, I need to get you ready for me. I'm going to mold you into the perfect slut. So, I've made a list of rules you must follow. Understood?" Joffery began, speaking as a teacher would to a student. Arya nodded, not saying anything.

"Firstly, you will obey all of my commands, no matter what. Second, around everyone else, you will act normal, unless I order you to do otherwise. Thirdly, you will only speak if spoken to, or if asked to. Finally, you will call me master from now on unless otherwise instructed." Joffery adjusting his trousers. Listing the rules to the attentive and eager Arya was turning him on. Arya noticed Joffery's growing erection in his pants, which turned her on even more.

"If you do everything I ask, you will be rewarded. If not, you will be punished. I may even punish you just for the fun of it. You have no say in the matter. Understand?" Joffery asked.

"Yes Joffery." Arya unknowingly answered, staring at the bulge in his trouser. Quickly, she realized her mistake. "I'm sorry, yes master." Joffery frowned, standing up.

"I guess I have to train you before we get to King's Landing" Joffery said, staring down at his pet. "Stand up!"

Arya jumped up, standing up straight and stared at her feet.

"Strip for me." Joffery ordered, leaning back down on the comfortable red couch.

Arya wasted no time, removing her bulky cloak, revealing her low cut grey and white dress. She looked back to Joffery, looking for his approval. He only nodded, motioning for her to continue. She complied, slowly stripping until the dress fell to the ground. Her small breasts and shaved pussy were exposed to her master. She didn't bother trying to cover herself, keeping her arms at her sides. Joffery stared at her for a long time, making sure to get a good look at his property. Joffery then reached into a drawer and produced a red and gold collar with the Lannister lion upon it.

"Put it on" Joffery said, handing her the collar. Arya took the collar and started fitting it onto her neck, making sure the Lannister lion was facing Joffery. Once she was done she looked at her master again, awaiting her next order.

"Now ask your master what he would like" Joffery said, as horny as ever.

"What would you like master?" Arya asked.

What does Joffrey want?


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