He finally catches her

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He was going to chase her again. And this time he was going to catch her. He had grown since the last time she had embarrassed him. He was sure that he could out run her for once.

As he dropped his bow and ran after her, Arya gave a playful shriek before she turned and ran as well. Bran heard his Robb and Theon laughing behind him as he chased his sister, but the sounds soon disappeared behind him.

Arya was like a rabbit, dashing quickly across the ground despite her skirt. But Bran was like a hound, closing in on her. She gave another playful shriek as she saw him closing in on her. He followed her giggles as she ran into the stables, no doubt hoping to lose him. There was a small hole in the back of the stables—too small for any horses to escape through, but large enough for a clever waif. Bran had often chased her through the hole, but in more recent years his growth spurt had seen him have to slow down, lest his hit his head while trying to crawl through the hole and lose Arya completely.

Desperate to not be embarrassed by his sister once again, Bran put on one last burst of speed. He dove at her before she could reach the hole, knocking her to the straw-covered ground and landing on top of her.

Despite the rough housing, Arya was giggling as she tried to catch her breath. Bran was suddenly aware of his positioning. He was on top of his sister, straddling her surprisingly soft body. Her chest, while not as large as Cersei’s or even Sansa’s, was still pleasant to look at as it rose and fell rapidly.

“Well,” Arya smile breathlessly. “You caught me.”

The words filled Bran with a sense of pride—of power. He felt an unfamiliar heat fill his body. For the first time he felt like a man.

“Now what? I’d rather not have to go back to the Septa and Sansa’s needlework.” Arya made a face that made Bran smile. “Come on, Bran, let’s find something else to do,” she smirked at her brother. It was an expression that he had often seen on her face. It meant that she was hungry to cause more mischief. Seeing it up close for the first time, Bran couldn’t help but mirror it.

What does Bran decide to do?

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